David Wathiai Macharia – Mtetezi wa Watu

Immediately after his Form exam at Menengai high school, David Wathiai Macharia joined the matatu industry as a driver in 1997. He says the matatu that used to ply the Shabaab route was the most popular along the route and he really enjoyed his work.
Shortly after in 1998, he joined the Municipal Council of Nakuru as a clerk. He has worked in several capacities since he joined MCN and is still working there under the County Government of Nakuru where he works at the land rates office. 

Interaction with Politics

Wathiai was born in a political family. His maternal grandfather, Benson Karuku is a former councillor at Nakuru’s Bondeni ward. His paternal uncle Hon. Daniel K Macharia was also a Councillor and he was thus introduced to politics from early life.

His father, Kanyi Macharia who used to work for the defunct Municipal Council of Nakuru has also vied thrice for the ward representative’s seat.

In 2010, Wathiai as an employee of MCN became the Personal Assistant to His Worship the Mayor, Hon. David Gikaria who is the current MP for Nakuru East. Working in Hon. Gikaria’s office brought him even closer to politics and the two struck a friendship that has remained to date.
“Gikaria is the one person I look up to in politics. He’s down to earth and freely interacts and mingles with the people he represents whatever their social standing,” says Mr Wathiai.
The present MCA for Shabaab ward Hon. Kamau Githengi is also a personal friend to Wathiai. They have known each ever since he was a matatu driver where Kamau also used to earn his living at the Shabaab stage.

Growing up and Education

Just like the majority of children born in Nakuru at that time, Wathiai was born at Bondeni Maternity. He joined Mama Ngina primary school and later Menengai High school where he did his Form four in 1996.
As a student at Menengai High School, Wathiai used to play basketball although his first love was rugby. He, however, gave up rugby while in form three when a form one student embarrassingly tackled him. He also used to act while in High School.
In 2012, Wathiai joined Tracom College in Nakuru which offers its courses in conjunction with Busoga University of Uganda. He did a diploma in procurement and graduated in 2014 at a ceremony held in Uganda. He is currently in his 2nd year at Mount Kenya University doing a degree in Business management.
Wathiai loves rugby to a fault. He is one of the strongest supporters of Top Fry Nakuru Rugby Club better known as Wanyore and is the chairman of the Wanyore Fanatics.

Wathiai believes strongly that sports can be used to foster national cohesion as it brings people from all walks of life together. In June 2015 when Nakuru hosted Tunisia in a game of rugby, Wathiai and his friends used the occasion to condemn terrorism in Tunisia

 Mtetezi wa UmmaEver since he was a tout, Wathiai is outspoken and will always speak against oppression. Many of his friends consider him controversial and while still PA to mayor Gikaria, he had sought to be elected as the Vice-Chairman of the Local Government Workers Union but the elections were never held.

David Wathiai is also a compassionate person who will always go the extra mile to help people in need especially the youth. As the chairman of the Shabaab Youth, Wathiai is always looking for ways to empower them economically. Together with the area MCA Hon. Kamau Githengi, they are in the process of setting up a carwash business and pay to use public toilet to be managed by the youth.

As proof of his passion for sharing, he has been holding a Christmas bash for Shabaab based street families since 2012. He also tells of a case of a matatu driver who was suffering from Hepatitis B and needed Kshs. 300,000 for treatment. Wathiai carried out a campaign to help the driver and although he passed on, he was able to raise funds to offset part of the hospital bill.

A leader now and in the future…….Over time, Wathiai has held several leadership positions. Apart from being the chairman of the Shabaab Youth, he has been the Vice-Chair at his local church and a member of the Supervisory Committee at Tupendane Sacco.

His dream, however, is to be a political leader and he will be vying to be the next MCA for Shabaab ward. He is a great friend to the present MCA whom he says will be vying for Nakuru West MP in 2017. In 2022, Wathiai intends to vie for MP and in 2027 as Nakuru County Governor.

He says that he would like to continue empowering the marginalized in the society and protect the rights of youth, children and women. This is a trait he has gotten from Nakuru East MP David Gikaria whom he mentions as his mentor in politics.

Wathiai the ManWathiai is a down to earth and he says he prefers eating from a kibanda (Makeshift stall) where he can interact with the common wananchi (Citizens). He is married with three daughters and to supplement his income, he runs a matatu on the Shabaab route.

He is a non-smoker and teetotaller since 2014 December when he vowed never to take alcohol again.
Wathiai can be found both on Facebook and Twitter 

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