Youth leader lauds President’s directive on curfew hours

A section of Nakuru youths have lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on dusk-to- dawn  curfew hours.

The President while addressing the nation on Saturday extended the curfew for 30 days.

However,the curfew hours will now be from 9pm to 4am.

The move has been welcomed by a section  of Nakuru youths.

Under the umbrella Youth and Governance ,the youths say the variations in curfew hours is a plus to the youths who have been hustling to make ends meet.

Nakuru youth and Governance chairman Daniel Kimani in a phone interview said the move will also help the many youths in the bodaboda and taxi industry as they will now operate up to 9pm.

“We are grateful to President for the new hour variations for the curfew.This will now help our youths especially those in the bodaboda industry” said Kimani.

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