CS Wamalwa: State to take over land from flood victims

The Government might be forced to move people by force from areas prone to flooding across the country.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa said that the state might have no option other than forcibly resettling people in areas affected by floods and reclaiming the land they occupy.

Speaking in Kakamega while assessing the damage caused by flooding,Wamalwa said that people in flood prone regions have been reluctant to heed to government directives of moving and selling their land to the state.

Wamalwa said that over the years people have been ignoring directives of moving to higher and safer grounds something he said has exposed them to danger.

He noted that the government is mulling at a plan of taking over land in affected areas thorough voluntary land acquisition

The CS added that the acquired land will then be reclaimed by planting trees and other crops.

Targeted areas include Budalangi,areas along River Tana and Nzioa as well as those along Rivers Nyando and Yala.

Flooding in the country has so far claimed over 200 lives with over 58000 families being displaced.

Leaders from Western Kenya have been calling on the government to compulsorily take over land owned by flood victims and resettle them in safe areas.

Led by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala,the leaders said that taking relief food to flood victims year in year out was not offering a permanent solution to the problem.


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