CS Chelugui: Kenya’s doing well in production of superfoods

Co-operatives Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui has revealed that Kenya is on right track in terms of superfoods prodution.

He pointed out foods such avocado and blueberries, as an area that is doing great.

The CS was speaking when he met With Kakuzi PLC CEO Chris Flowers during a fact-finding tour of Makuyu (Murang’a) based the listed agribusiness and superfoods producer.

“Kenya is already doing well in producing superfoods such as Avocado, Avocado and Blueberries which are also beginning to feature,” he stated.

According to Chelugui, Kenya is based at number five in Avocado exports and can easily get to number one but if we maintain global standards relating to crop husbandry, traceability and sustainability as every fruit exported carries Kenya’s reputation.

He urged Cooperatives and MSMEs Agri-business players to tap into the available have opportunities and learn and forge partnerships with large players such as Kakuzi Plc who are willing to provide capacity building through training of farmers, marketing and extension services to enable us to play at the highest level.

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