COVID-19:Clergy calls for counseling services in isolation centres

Bishop Naftaly Thuku of AIPCA.Photo/Pristone Mambili. 

AIPCA Bishop Naftaly Thuku has appealed to the government to source counselors from churches to offer counselling to those in COVID-19 isolation centre.

Addressing media in Nakuru,the clergy said the isolated persons need counseling

While citing a case at KITI isolation centre in Nakuru where a woman died I what police preliminary report attributes to suicide.

The clergy says the government should not wait for many similar cases to take place for action to be taken.

“Those in isolation due to corona virus should  be assisted with counselling and the church can do that” he said.

The clergy also calling on government to ensure no more suffering for Kenyans during this harsh economic times.

He proposed that the fuel prices be lowered.

“We challenge the government to ensure the common citizen does not suffer more during the harsh economic times” Said Bishop Naftaly.

On the ongoing Curfew,the clergy appealing to Kenyans to respect the government directive.

He however called on the police officers to restraint from use of force while dealing with Kenyans.

The COVID-19 has paralysed normal life including church gatherings.

But the clergy has appealed to the religious leaders to make good use of the digital platform to ensure gospel reaches out even during this difficult times.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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