COVID-19: Nakuru sets up new markets as a precautionary measure

The notice of the new market places released by County Government.PHOTO/NGPU.

Traders in Nakuru county have been urged to adhere to the new precaution measures to avert spread or exposure to covid-19. 

According to a communication from the county government, the new market designated sites will help serve as a de-congestion measure in the main markets. 

The County of Nakuru has further abolished all market days across the county but the markets will be open on other days except the designated market days. 

According to the new market places as outlined by the County Government of Nakuru,Nasha Market traders will now operate at Afraha stadium,wakulima market wholesale and retail traders will now operate at Afraha Annex. 

Kipanga traders will operate from Rhonda while Stima line will be Githima market. 

The county has also directed that Mawanga,Kiratina and Teachers markets to be opened immediately to help decongest Nakuru’s main markets. 

This will also help in ensuring social distancing for the traders and the buyers. 

In Naivasha,the Naivasha Wholesale Market will now operate at site area while in Gilgil fresh food traders within town will operate at Main Market Naivasha. 

Still in Gilgil,all mitumba traders will be required to  operate  at Slaughterhouse land. 

In Molo all Wholesale Traders will now operate will be moved to New Market opposite Molo Social hall. 

It should be noted that Nakuru so far has not yet registered any COVID-19 case. 

Governor Lee Kinynajui stating that, “While this is commendable, we must all work together to reduce the risk of infection across the county”  

He called on residents to to demonstrate greater commitment to social distancing and washing  hands thoroughly and regularly.  



Martin Gichinga
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