County to lose Sh700 million in levies as corona virus bites

The County government of Nakuru is likely to lose Sh 700 million in revenue should businesses be exempted  from paying levies as a result of hard economic times occasioned by the corona virus pandemic.

Most business owners have been calling on the county government to exempt them from paying monthly county levies since most of them are out of business.

They have been arguing that it will be unfair for them to continue paying county levies at a time when most of them are registering losses due to bad business or closure.

But Nakuru County Assembly Deputy Speaker Samuel Tonui said that the county will fall short of its monthly  revenue target by at least 700 million as a result of corona virus effect.

He observed that development within the county will be worst hit by the revenue fall since most projects will have to be halted.

He however added that it will be uncalled for to ask businesses to pay levies at a time when most people are ta home.

The Deputy Speaker said that such times call for compromise on the side of the government which he said should give tax breaks to businesses until such a time when the country will have dealt with the padnemic

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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