County to construct modern Lorry park at Salgaa to spur economic growth

Construction of a modern Lorry park at Salgaa trading centre will spur economic growth of Nakuru County- Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has said.

Speaking in Salgaa Rongai Sub County, the governor said that the centre was strategically located along the northern corridor and as such the programme will go a long way in attracting investors from within the country and outside the country.

It will be remembered that Salgaa trading centre is a stopover for long distance trucks enroute to Uganda and central Africa.

Part of the upgrading programme according to the governor will include installation of street lights that will facilitate 24 hour business operation.

Given that Salgaa is known for all the bad reasons ranging from commercial sex work to road accidents, Kinyanjui said that for the for the time, there will be something good to boast about Salgaa.

Talks are also at an advanced stage between the county government and the national government to construct a school near Salgaa so as to avoid cases of children being knocked down by vehicles while crossing the road.

The community has been tasked to find land where the school be constructed.

PHOTO/SDE:Trucks at Salgaa.

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