County partners with KenAgro Suppliers Limited to address bedbugs menace in Matatus

Following public outcry over bedbugs menace in PSV Matatus, the county government Public health department has moved in with speed to address the menace.

The department is partnering with KenAgro Suppliers Limited to ensure all PSV Matatus in Nakuru are fumigated (sprayed) to keep of the bedbugs.

Addressing media on Thursday during the exercise at Nakuru bus terminus, Moses Obiero form the department said the move was prompted by the fact that the bedbugs are now breeding in the PSV Matatus and spread with passengers acting as carriers.

Already the county has been doing the exercise in various estates but now the officer say they have decided to also focus on the PSV vehicles where bedbugs are likely to breed.

He called on PSV matatu drivers in Nakuru to embrace the exercise adding that it will go long way in addressing the menace of bedbugs in Matatus.

“We have been doing this in various homes in some of our estates such as Kivumbini, Kaptembwa and Rhonda but Bedbugs now becoming a menace even in the PSV vehicles and that is why we are now working to ensure that we spray the vehicles to control the same” said Obiero.

According to Peterson Wanjohi-an expert with KenAgro suppliers limited, besides fumigating the Matatus, there are also focusing on creating awareness among the drivers on how to control the bedbugs in PSV vehicles.
Wanjohi says the bedbugs can survive in vehicle seats’ cushions for 2 months and within that period they shall have breed over eggs ranging from 400 to 500.

He added that the chemical being used to fumigate the PSV vehicles has been recommended by World Health Organization and has no effect on the passengers.

However, he notes that once the vehicle has been fumigated, it has to wait for 20 minutes before passengers can board.

“Besides fumigating the vehicles we are also sensitizing the drivers on how to control the bedbugs” said Wanjohi.

The drivers welcoming the move saying it will help ensure that passengers have comfort while travelling.

Led by John Warurwa, the drivers decried the menace saying some of them have carried the bedbugs form their vehicles to their homes making life uncomfortable.

They are however grateful to KenAgro and the County government of Nakuru for stepping in to address the menace in PSVs.

The drivers also calling on other counties to emulate the same and ensure all PSVs are fumigated.

“We are grateful to the County government for partnering with KenAgro to address this menace of bedbugs in our PSVs” said Warurwa.

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