County loosing money due to lack of internal audit committee-Kihika

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has revealed that Nakuru County has been losing a lot of money that comes from national allocation due to lack of internal audit committee in place.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Monday, the Senator who sits in mediation team in parliament as far as division of revenue between National and counties are concerned noted that   not unless Governor Kinyanjui constitutes the internal audit committee the county will continue to loose.

“As Nakuru County we have been missing out on quite a big sum of money simply because we do not have an internal audit committee. So the Governor needs to go ahead and constitute it” said Kihika.

The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) was established in accordance with Article 215 of the Constitution of Kenya.

Upon request by Parliament and as requiredbyArticle216oftheConstitution, the Commission has to make recommendations on the basis of equitable sharing of revenue between the county governments and the national government.

The Senator faulted Governor Kinyanjui for the suspending the County Public Service Board which is mandated with hiring staff.

According to Senator Kihika, the governor has gone ahead to employ more staff in various positions at the county which is in contrary to the law.

She says the Public Service Board is the one mandated to do so.

“There is a very serious issue that has been brewing in this county and that is the issue where governor suspended the Public Service Board. But at the same time his administration has continued to hire people contrary to the law yet he talks of huge wage bill. This is a matter that I shall be following up as a senator” said Kihika.

This even as the fate of the Nakuru County Public Service Board, whose members and secretariat had been suspended earlier this year has been sealed after Governor Lee Kinyanjui on Wednesday last week nominated new members.

Governor Kinyanjui nominated four new members and a secretary to the board and forwarded their names to the county assembly for vetting.

Those nominated as members are Ms Mary Yiapan, Ms Serah Mwangi, Mr. Simon Rabwet and Mr. Paul Muthangya.Governor Kinyanjui also nominated Ms Joyce Njeri Ndegwa as the board’s secretary.

The board members, its staff and secretariat had on January 2019 been suspended to allow for what Governor Kinyanjui termed as investigations into “gross misconduct”.

In April, Mr Kinyanjui extended their suspension.Those he sent on compulsory leave in January were board secretary James Mbugua, chairman Waithanji Mutiti, members Peter Mwarania, Monica Cherutich, and Richard Tutah.

He also suspended the board’s staff and its secretariat.While suspending the board in January, Kinyanjui said it had defied instructions from the county government to stop recruitment of staff owing to findings of an audit report.

The recruitment, he said, was likely to jeopardize recommendations of the audit report conducted in 2018 and expose the county to litigation and a bloated workforce.

PHOTO/Susan Kihika official facebook page:Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika during a Committee session.

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