County kicks off fumigation exercise to fight Corona virus

The County government of Nakuru is kicking a fumigation exercise of Nakuru town this morning as one of the measures being taken against the spread of corona virus.

According to public health Chief Officer Samwel Kingo’ri, the fumigation exercise will be continuous.

The county has already acquired enough chemicals to be sued during the exercise.

According to Kingo’ri, the fumigation exercise at sub county level will kick off tomorrow but all fumigation kits will be collected today by team leaders.

At the same time the county has said that there will be no leave days or off days for public health officers in the whole county.

Those who had proceeded on leave or off have since been recalled immediately.

The county is also appealing to retired health workers willing to volunteer services to come forward and help in whatever way they can.

Members of the public have been encouraged to co-operate with the teams that will be doing the fumigation.

The fumigation exercise will target public places including banks, matatu Sacco booking offices, markets and other frequent contact places.

The county has already moved over 500 traders from wakulima and Nasher markets within the central business district to pave way for the fumigation exercise.



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