County expedites recruitment process to fight COVID-19

The County Government of Nakuru has expedited the recruitment of healthcare workers to support the management of Coronavirus Disease.

Late last year, the County Public Service Board advertised for some 380 posts in various cadres to meet the healthcare worker – patient ratio.

Medical Services CO Dr Solomon Sirma said 27 newly recruited Medical Officers are being training on the COVID-19 surveillance, prevention and management measures.

Others undergoing the training are Medical Laboratory Technologist from the Kenya Prisons Service’s Nakuru, Naivasha and Kericho facilities.

“Different cadres are immediately inducted and trained once cleared by the CPSB,” explained Dr Sirma.

He added that the County Government of Nakuru had submitted its healthcare workers requirement to the national government for recruitment under the Universal Health Coverage.

Ruth Magak
Author: Ruth Magak

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