County commits to addressing COVID-19 related mental disturbance issues

The country should put measures in place to deal with increased issue of mental illnesses and psychological disturbances during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyajui says that with majority of Kenyans staying at home ,their is a steady rise in case of mental disturbance something he says needs attention.

Kinyajui noted that the situation ash been aggravated by the closure of churches and social places where people could go to unwind and kill stress.

The Governor said that hard economic times resulting from job losses is a contributing factor to increased  cases of domestic violence within Kenyan families.

To address the issue of mental health,Kinyanjui says that his administration is working on a plan to ensure that all county health facilities have counseling units

His observed that the counseling units will help in tackling the issue of psychological disturbance by providing counseling services to patients or any other person seeking services.

Kinyanjui called on Nakuru residents going through mental disturbance not to die in silence but come out and seek help

The country has been reporting increased cases of domestic violence and mental illnesses being blamed on the COVID-19 socio-economic effects.

Family breakups have also been reported with cases of people committing suicide being reported in several parts of the country.


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