Copycat apps affect Nakuru Taxi hailing business

When Wasili Cabs launched in Nakuru, we all signed in relief. We could now get to our destinations comfortably and at affordable rates. Finally, we had a Nakuru Taxi-hailing app of our own.

The Wasili Cabs quickly became popular. They were our own version of Uber. We embraced Wasili, we downloaded the App. We were proud of Wasili and we always advised (and still do) our visitors to use Wasili once they landed in Nakuru.

If we said Wasili revolutionalized travel in Nakuru, we wouldn’t be lying. Today, you’ll find a Wasili Cab at every corner of Nakuru and surrounding areas. Not only did the users embrace it, but vehicles owners also saw an opportunity to earn. In hundreds, they bought cars and signed them up for Wasili. Needless to say, lots of jobs were created for drivers.

However, as with every good idea, other taxi-hailing apps quickly came into the scene. Other investors hastily came on board to take advantage of the market that Wasili had cracked. Today, Nakuru has almost other 10 taxi-hailing apps after Wasili launched.

Other Nakuru Taxi-hailing apps

Apart from Wasili, which has so far proved to be the most stable app, other Taxi-hailing apps in Nakuru include; Safiri, Flexx, Kori, Vipy, Bomba, Mtaani and Mega.

Unfortunately, with the coming on board of so many taxi operators with their other apps, the market is no longer as lucrative. Car owners are barely breaking even. Drivers have started grumbling due to low business which translates to low income. Some car owners are already withdrawing their cars and removing the branding on them. All this because the supply has gone higher than the demand.

In an earlier interview with Wasili founder Tim Kamanga several weeks ago, it had revealed that they had put a ceiling on the cars they could admit.

“We never wanted a situation when we had too many cars and few clients. We wanted to strike a balance to serve the customers satisfactorily and still make it worthwhile for the investors. Instead, we opted to venture in other towns,” the co-founder had revealed.

The balance they had tried to maintain has however been spoilt. There are now too many cars chasing the handful of clients available. The reality as of now is that the taxi-hailing sector is highly crowded in Nakuru. Only the innovative will survive.

Until the advent of Wasili, Taxi-hailing apps that had been tried in Nakuru had all failed. Even Uber had made an entry but hastily left after failing to crack the market.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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