Community warned against harbouring criminals

Nakuru West Deputy County Commissioner Michael Lesimam has sounded stern warning to individuals harbouring criminal.

He said the eradication of criminal gangs in Nakuru will succeed if the community and neighbors agree to work closely with the security agents.

Lesimam added that  the war on criminal groupings cannot be left to the security agents alone but is a collective responsibility.

He was speaking in Shabaab Ward, Nakuru West on Thursday during a stakeholders’ sensitization meeting on countering polarization, radicalization and extremism-a meeting that was organized by Nakuru based NGO MIDRIFT Human Rights Network.

The administrator noted that the majority of the members of the criminal groupings are people well known among neighbors hence the community should come out and help address the same.

“We have had challenges in addressing these criminal groupings simply because the society has not been willing to come out and speak yet they know them. We want to call on members of the public to help us in wiping out these groups by reporting” said Lesimam.

The DCC once again assures residents that the security agents in Nakuru are committed towards ensuring a peaceful society free of criminal gangs.

Walter Mwania from MIDRIFT Human Rights Network on his part reiterating the importance of sensitization of all stakeholders on matters countering polarization, radicalization and violence extremism.

Mwania who has been spearheading the sensitization forums in various sub counties in Nakuru on the same says the community should accept that the issue of youth radicalization is real in society.

He echoed the security agents’ message that stakeholders and community at large should come out and work towards eradicating and preventing such vises in society.

“We want the community to know that radicalization is real and that we should be alert to spot the indicators and prevent the same. We shall be going to all the 11 sub counties with the sensitization forums so that the community can be informed.

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