Commissioner orders closure of all bars to avert exposure to COVID-19

Riftvalley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya flanked by members of the regional emergency response committee addressing media on measures taken over COVID-19.

Riftvalley Regional Security and emergency response Committee has ordered the closure of all bars to avert gatherings an exposure and combat the spread of corona virus.

Addressing media in Nakuru after holding a 2-hours meeting with County Commissioners from all the regional 14 counties,Rifvalley regiona commissioners George Natembeya said they are acting as per the national directive orders to ensure safety of the people.

While noting that in the recent past such orders have not been adhered to by the Bar owners,the Regional Commissioner was categorical that this time round they will use all the mechanisms to ensure adherence.

He said the measure is not aimed at harming any business but just to ensure no member of the public is at risk as far as corona virus is concerned.

“All bars stand closed with immediate effect.The licensing and liquor acts will be used to enforce the same” he said.

Acciording to Natembeya,Regional Security and emergency response Committee is on alert over the Corona virus.

He added that several meetings have been held to ensure the national directives are implemented at grassroot.

While noting that Riftvalley region is vast bordering owing to the fact that it borders countries that have confirmed cases of Corona virus,the RC said the region is therefore at high risk hence take nothing to chance.

In line with this,the Regional committee has also vowed to ensure minimal human interaction while affirming that indeed all schools are shut.

The RC has however warned parents and teachers who re doing tuition secretly contrary to government’s directive.

We can confirm that all schools are shut and we shall ensure no tuition takes place secretly”

In addition,churches and mosques will not be allowed to operate.

The Regional Commissioner also stating that there will be no Livestock markets in operation especially those in Counties such as Narok that are on the border.

The other measure in place is that prisons’ visit are banned with isolation directive being implemented to aver exposure.

Already the committee has confirmed that isolation wards in all the 14 counties are in place.

However,Natembeya noted that there is still a challenge of bed capacity an issue he said should be addressed though exploring other ways of isolation.

The Regional Committee has also discouraged members of the public form unnecessary travels to rural areas.

“Those trying to travel from the 14 counties to rural areas should know that they are risking the lives of others too and this should be discouraged” he said.

The RC also cautioning members of the public form being hostile to those who have arrived in the country from abroad.

He noted that there has been a challenge in Riftvalley region moreso in Nandi and Kericho where members of the public have been h.

Let us not be hostile to them,rather report to the office of the chief for action.We have plans in place where Nyumba kumi clusters will assist us in identifying those who have travelled back from abroad” said Natembeya.

On matters sanitation and hygiene,the RC revealed that they have agreed with the Rifvalley Water

water authority that no water services shall be cut.

While noting that hygiene is key in fighting the spread of this disease,Natembeya has assured Riftvalley locals that water services will be supplemented.

Meanwhile,hotels in Riftvalley have been urged to ensure they have records for those spending nights.

Some hotels are not adhering to that but this time round we are going to enforce”

Then Regional Emergency response committee has vowed to ensure more sensitization on the corona virus.

Natembeya once again commending the media for the same adding that chiefs will continue to do door to door sensitization since barazas have been banned too.

He also commend Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital-Eldoret for the support of training chiefs on the same.

The committee has also appealed to medical practitioners who had gone for further studies in all the 14 counties to come back to assist in this issue.

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