Clergy welcomes government’s move to re-open churches

The government’s directive to have worship places re-opened but under strict measures has been welcomed by clergy in Nakuru. 

Addressing media just a moment after the directive was issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta in his COVID-19 address to the nation, Bishop Mike Brawan of Nakuru’s Metro Church International lauded President Kenyatta for the move. 

According to Brawan, time is now for the church leaders to ensure they comply with the guidelines. 

“We want to laud the President for the directive to have the churches re-opened and we appeal to all the churches to ensure that they try and comply with the guidelines,” he said. 

The Metro Church International Bishop stating that they will adhere to the guidelines issued by the government. 

While noting that COVID-19 is here to stay,Brawan called on Kenyans to all observe the guidelines by the Ministry of Health. 

“As a church we are ready to follow the guidelines but we are also calling on Kenyans that let us also observe sanitization, and wearing of facemasks. 

However, the clergy has called on the government to rethink about the restriction to bar persons of 58 years and above from attending church services. 

According to Brawan most church leaders are in that age bracket hence it will be impossible for the restriction to apply. 

“What we are asking the government is to look into the issue of age 58 and above because most of the church leaders are in that bracket” said Brawan. 

Similar sentiments echoed by Bishop Naftaly Thuku of AIPCA who says most Bishops and pastors fall in that age bracket. 

The AIPCA Bishop says if the restriction measure on that age group has to be implemented then it means that most Bishops and pastors will be locked out of church. 

“We are grateful for the move to have churches re-opened. However, the restriction on 58 and above age bracket should be re-looked at for most Bishops and church leaders fall under the age bracket” he said. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday directed that places of worship will commence phased re-opening for congregational worship and public (in-person) worship in strict conformity with all applicable guidelines and protocols, including the self-regulating guidelines developed by the Inter-Faith Council. 

In line with the guidelines issued by the Inter-Faith Council, only a maximum of one hundred (100) participants will be allowed at each worship ceremony and not be more than one hour. 

However, Sunday Schools and Madrassas shall remain suspended until further notice, and in-person worship shall not include congregants under the age of thirteen (13) years or above the age of fifty-eight (58) years or persons with underlying conditions. 


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