Clergy tells off those threatening journalists for exposing corruption

A Nakuru Clergy has told off those accusing media for highlighting on the ills in both counties and national government.

Bishop Dr.Mike Brawan of Metro Church International during an interview in his office on September 7, 2020.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Bishop Mike Brawan of Metro Church International says the Media is independent entity and should be allowed to operate without any interference.

While lauding journalists for continued highlighting on corruption, Dr.Brawan was categorical that Kenyans have a right to know what is happening in all public offices and whenever a public officer goes against ethics, he or she should be unmasked.

His sentiments coming at time when questions have been raised on the procurement process of the items meant to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Already Kenya Medical Supplies Authority-KEMSA is on spot after a TV expose’ dubbed COVID-19 Millionaires was aired.

But according to Dr.Brawan, Journalists should not be threatened in any way for informing Kenyans and pointing out the ills.

The clergy also calling on churches and worship places to also be in the frontline in the fight against graft as it is also affecting the church.

“I want to condemn those corrupt cartels that are attacking media and journalists for pointing out corruption cases. We should all join in the fight against corruption. The Church should also join in the fight against corruption” he said.

Dr.Brawan has also appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to take the bull by the horns and ensure the corrupt cartels in the country face the full arm of the law.

He says the fight against corruption should not be politicized or seen as nay attack on a community but is an individual who should face the law so that Kenyans cannot continue to suffer.

“My call to the President, let those cartels face the law no matter their status” he said.




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