Clergy pleads with Kenyans to adhere to guidelines on COVID-19

AIPCA Bishop Naftaly Thuku at his Bahati office.

A Nakuru cleric has appealed to Kenyans to adhere to.the set guidelines by the Ministry of health on preventing spread of COVID-19.


Speaking to this writer over phone, AIPCA Bishop Naftaly Thuku was categorical that the Ministry of health guidelines are in the best interests of Kenyans and should be adhered to by everyone.


“I urge Kenyans to adhere to the guidelines put on place.They are for our own good in fighting COVID-19” he said.


While at the same time giving hope to Kenyans,the clergy called on Christians to continue praying for the nation so that the COVID-19 tribulations come to an end.


He once again faulted those pointing accusing finger at the goverment over quarantine and movement restrictions..


According to Bishop Naftaly,the measures on quarantine,and restriction of movement are inorder due the magnitude of COVID-19 pandemic.


“Many are blaming government or President for the measures in place.But what they fail to understand is that COVID-19 is not something to joke around with.It is real” he said.


On  the facemasks issue,the clergy decried that Kenyans have not taken such measure seriously.


While pointing out what he had observed in Nakuru town with some residents still not putting on the masks in the right manner,he urged  Kenyans to stop joking with the measures.


“Let’s respect the guidelines and measures in place for if we don’t then the laws will change us in a harsh way” he said.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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