Clergy challenges political class to emulate servanthood 

Elected leaders have been challenged to stop political sideshows and focus on service delivery to the electorates.

Bishop Mike Brawan of Metro Church International Nakuru says leaders should be people’s interests focused.

Speaking during a Sunday service and fundraiser towards vulnerable children, the clergy reminded elected leaders that they should act as ‘people’s servants’.

He added that true leaders once elected do not acquire the ruler title but rather the servant-ship hence commence service to the electorates.

Brawan also called on religious leaders across the country to pray for the political class so that the spirit of pride can go away and they start focusing on service to the people.

“We need to pray so that we can do away with the bad spirit of pride among leaders. True leadership is servant leadership” said Brawan.

It should be noted that Metro Church international has been involved in many charity work towards supporting the vulnerable groups in the society.

The Church stepped in during the COVID-19 pandemic period to support those who lost their jobs and could not afford basic needs such as food and clothing.

Dr.Brawan who is also the Head of Evangelical Movement Kenya and East Africa says as a church they decided to step in and offer hope to the needy families.

The Charity involves issuance of food to more than 4,000 families every month.

“Families are facing challenges and we as a church we stepped in with counseling as well as issuing food donations to over 4,000 families” he said.

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