Citizen Democratic Party to support Jubilee Presidential candidate

The Citizen Democratic Party (CDP) will Support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential bid in 2017, but will fill candidates in all other elective seats.
According to Citizen Democratic Party Secretary General Evanson Mwangi Gakuo, the party will not allow to be merged but its members are free to support the Jubilee presidential candidate in 2017.
“Our party will not merge with Jubilee but we shall support President Uhuru Kenyatta since as a party we shall fill candidates for all the elective positions except the presidential” he said.
The CDP Secretary General reiterated that the CDP party will not be dissolved in any way saying they had fought to build the party and dissolving it will really cost them.
He added that dissolving political parties is like killing the democracy that Kenyans fought for many years and thus should be guarded.
“We fought to build this nation and the democracy we have in terms of political parties and therefore as a party we shall not dissolve to merge any coalition” he said.
This comes even as political parties are realigning themselves for the 2017 general elections.

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