Churches resort to more services to comply with COVID-19 measures

The government’s directive to re-open churches under strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines has seen several churches resume but with more services in place.

Government’s directive has it that worship services should last an hour and have not more than 100 members due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Further, 58 years and above citizens are not allowed to attend service so are children of 13 years and below.

The measures have seen churches resume but with new development where the clergy have ensured more services so as to cater for the spiritual needs of the many members.

Nakuru’s Metro Church International under the leadership of Bishop Mike Brawan for instance has 7 Sunday services with every service lasting not more than the required one hour.


Bishop Mike Brawan of Metro Church International,Nakuru during an interview.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Bishop Brawan says initially they used to have two services but with the COVID-19 pandemic, he has decided to have more services of 100 members per hour.

He adds that besides, the temperature checkups for the members at the main entrance to the church, they are also ensuring fumigation after every service.

Outside the church is a special vehicle on standby to offer ambulance services in case of any emergency.

The clergy says this is the way to go to ensure that the church does not also become an agent in the spread of COVID-19.

“We thank God that the Church is now opened despite the restrictions on capacity. We are adhering to all the restrictions with 7 services of 100 persons for one hour. We are also reaching out through the online platform. After every service we are fumigating before the next service” said Brawan.

While noting that COVID-19 is here to stay for longer, the clergy called on Kenyans to ensure personal responsibility in combating the spread.

Sentiments echoed by nursing officer Winny Warugongo who says as healthcare workers theirs is to ensure congregants adhere to the guidelines.

She says the ambulance stationed at the church is key and in case they come across any suspected case they refer to the Nakuru Level 5 isolation center.

Her appeal to Kenyans is for everyone to take personal responsibility.

“Some believe that as per their faith they can’t get it. But we are telling Kenyans that COVID-19 is real and we have just to follow the guidelines” she said.

At Cathedral Church of Christ the King in Nakuru, there are more masses being conducted unlike before.

A spot check indicate that there were several masses going on at the main church, at Christ the King Hall as well as Christ The King Girls’ Hall.

According to Farther Lawrence Mbogo, the move is aimed at ensuring that there is social distancing during mass.
The script is same for Africa Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA).

Bishop Naftaly Thuku who was on a mission on Sunday to ensure the church branches comply says the churches have no option but to comply.

“Today I am just going around ensuring our branches comply with the COVID-19 measures” he said over phone.

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