Christmas Comes Early at Emmanuel Children’s Home

For many orphans and other children from disadvantaged backgrounds, the December festive season must always be the hardest to face.

While everyone is busy celebrating or making plans to celebrate the birth of Christ and usher in the new year, most of these disadvantaged children can only watch and wish they were part of the celebrations.

However, for orphans and other disadvantaged children living at Emmanuel Children’s Home in Rhoda Ward, Nakuru West Constituency, Christmas came early after Senator Susan Kihika paid them a visit and took time to share experiences with them.

The Nakuru County Senator who has always endeavoured to support the disadvantaged in the society made a difference in the lives of these children after she spent time playing, praying and sharing other good times at the children’s home.

The excited children got an opportunity to interact and share experiences with the Senator who listened keenly to their challenges and aspirations.

It was an emotional moment as the children expressed their gratitude to the Senator for her gesture appreciating the fact that she had taken time to be with them and made food and other donations to the home.

“We are very happy Senator Susan for coming to visit us today. Thank you for the food, thank you for the beddings, thank you for the books and pencils and thank you for all the good things you’ve given us today. We pray that God will bless you even more,” said one of the children.

Apart from sheltering orphaned children, Emmanuel Children’s home also provides meals to neighbouring children from poor families. The home, in addition, has been providing nursery education to the children for the last three years. Currently, Emmanuel Children’s home has fifteen children living there and another twenty-three (23) who come for food and literacy classes.

The Senator has promised to continue supporting such initiatives and asked the larger society to support these disadvantaged children and other families, especially in this festive season.

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