Chama cha Mashinani wants Senators barred from seeking Gubernatorial positions

Chama cha Mashinani party leader Isaac Rutto, now wants Senators barred from contesting for Gubernatorial seats in the counties they represent.

According to the former Bomet Governor, most Senators are using their positions to sabotage County bosses instead of protecting devolution.

Speaking in Nakuru, Rutto said that Senators should take at least five years after exiting the Senate before seeking to become Governors.

He noted that by doing so, the Senators will be forced to concentrate on their mandate of protecting devolution which will in turn help Governors in making devolution a success.

‘’They can as well run to be Members of parliament or nay other seat but not the gubernatorial seat,” said Rutto.

At the same time, the former Council of Governors boss observed that a by-election should be held after 90 days in case of the demise of a Governor.

Rutto said that by doing so, the affected county residents will have an opportunity to elect a replacement for their departed Governor.

The CCM party also proposes that Deputy Governors be appointed after elections as opposed to now where they are elected as a pair with their bosses.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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