Celebrating the ‘golden’ age

The elderly population is growing due to advancement in health care. Most of them often want to make a difference in the world but, finding no role for themselves, they are treated as socially useless. Unfortunately, it only gets worse for them after being incarcerated.
Elderly inmates are faced with numerous physical, psychological and social role changes that challenge their sense of self and capacity to live happily.In our society, older adults are routinely dismissed as impaired, slow, or demented unless they can prove otherwise and are hence exempted from social duties hence causing loneliness and depression as they remain inactive.Following such repercussions,a special day has been set aside to celebrate the aged in the society.
The United Nations general assembly established the international day for the elderly people on 14th December 1990 with an aim of making people aware of the issues affecting the elderly as well as appreciating their contributions towards the society.
The international day for the elderly is celebrated the 3rd of October every year and this year a team of members from Red Cross, Psychiatric Disability Organization (PDO) and The Nakuru Player’s theatre marked the day by interacting with the elderly at the Nakuru men’s prison.
“With an increasing number of the elderly, it is upon us to incorporate them in our day to day activities. Having created a new stage of life by improved medical care education, the next step we ought to take is to make it meaningful. This we can do by ensuring that their mental health is also prioritized during such celebrations”, Mr Iregi, founder and C.E.O of PDO spoke during the event.
Despite the challenges, they were able to participate in the showcasing of talents during the event. More often than not we think that flexibility reduces with age but they proved the crowd wrong by performing zhumba dances and aerobics. They were also treated to an assortment of entertainment activities from the  guests and younger inmates who performed spoken word,poetry and salsa dances.

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