Nakuru Matatus ordered to display fare prices effective immediatly

Nakuru Matatus

Matatus and other public service vehicles operating in and from Nakuru will henceforth be required to clearly display the fares to various destinations on top of the vehicles.

In a letter dated the 6th of June and signed by John Kiara, the acting Nakuru County Director of Inspectorate Service, saccos that do not comply will face the risk of having their licenses revoked.

“It has come to the knowledge of the Nakuru County Government that most omnibus operators touts “makangas ” have been mishandling their clients.”

“In view of the foregoing, you are required within three days from the date of this notice to put in place the following measures so as to bring sanity and decency in your operations,” read part of the letter.

Directive on Nakuru Matatus
Nakuru matatus have been ordered to display their fare prices

The measures that will be enforced at the lapse of the three days compliance period include the display of signage on top of the vehicle showing fares charged to different destinations (routes).

In addition, all matatu sacco employees are required to be in uniform and wear name tags while on duty.

This, according to the enforcement unit, is in line with and pursuant to section 5(1) and section 14(b) (c) (d) of the County Omnibus Station by-laws 2004.

Many residents have applauded the move by the county government saying they have been victims of overcharging and mishandling at one time or the other.

Ever since she took over as Governor, Nakuru County CEO Susan Kihika promised to bring sanity to the matatu industry beginning with restoration to the former matatu stage.

Ngata accident claims 3 lives

Three people died on Saturday morning in a road accident at Baraka,Ngata on the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

Confirming the incident, Ngata Assistant Chief Richard Koech said the 4.30am accident involved a Matatu and lorry.

The Matatu that  was from Nakuru rammed into a lory that was from Eldoret.

The local administrator revealed that 3 passengers in the matatu died on the spot while several others injured were rushed to Nakuru Level 5 hospital for treatment.

The driver of the lorry disappeared.

Bodies of the deceased were taken to mortuary at Nakuru Level 5 hospital.

Nakuru MCAs on mission to strike a deal between Executive and Matatu stakeholders on return to CBD

Members of the County Assembly of Nakuru are on a mission to strike a deal between the Executive and the Matatu stakeholders on return to CBD formula.

The MCAs who spoke after holding a closed door meeting with stakeholders from the Matatu industry from Nakuru West and Nakuru East sub counties, were optimistic that the deal will materialize to help the industry that has been facing challenges since the removal from CBD by the past regime.

Led by Biashara ward MCA Fadhili Msuri who is also the Leader of Majority in the County Assembly of Nakuru, the MCAs assured the industry that the current leadership has their interests at heart and that soon the Town Service Matatus shall be allowed to operate within CBD once measures are in place.

“We are here after meeting the matatu stakeholders and we want to ensure that the challenges in the sector are addressed. From here we shall be meeting Governor Susan Kihika so that we can air the concerns raised” said Fadhili.

Kivumbini Ward MCA Neto Sakwa on his part noted that with clear measures in place then the town service matatu will be able to operate as before.

Sentiments echoed by  MCAs David Wathiai(Shabaab), John Macharia(Rhonda),David Kihumba(Flamingo), Anthony Kanyere(Nakuru East), Bernard Maina( London), and Robert Ruto(Kapkures).

It shopuld be noted that Matatus were evacuated from Nakuru Central Business Departments by the past regime.

It was cited a way of de-congesting the town- a move that received a lot of opposition from the stakeholders.

However, during campaigns towards August 9th Polls, Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika vowed to engage stakeholders in the sector to ensure a condusive business atmosphere.






County to repair select roads in Nakuru City

The County Government through the roads department will soon be carrying out repair works on some Nakuru roads. The project will be carried out to repair potholes and cracks on the roads.

Some of the roads identified for this program includes; Pandit Nehru in CBD, KANU Street, Gusii Road, Lee Njiru road, Mosque Road and Bazaar road. Others are Moonlight road, Club road and Wakulima road.

The departments had on Monday carried out a survey of the roads and a total of 461.04 spuare meters are meant to be mend. The program will prolong the lives of existing roads and motorists will enjoy smoother roads and reduce congestion.

Nakuru County Government embarks on improving infrastracture

Nakuru County Goverment ongoing roadworks

Nakuru County Government’s Department of Roads and Transport has continued to oversee high-impact ongoing projects in various areas. The ongoing road projects are being undertaken to improve connectivity and accessibility in the county. This is in line with Governor Susan Kihika’s campaign promises of improved infrastructure.

Some of the ongoing road works include the gravelling and compacting of Tree farm road in Ngata, Rongai Sub-county covering a distance of 3 KM. The other is the grading of Shinners Girls road in Nakuru East Sub-County, a distance of 2.7 KM. The projects have made tremendous progress in opening up several access roads by gravelling, grading and compacting.

Once complete, the roads will lead to the diversification of agricultural activities and boost the rural as well as overall economic growth of the county.

NTSA calls for sanity on roads during this festive season

Road users in the country have been urged to be extra cautious during this festive season to avert accidents claiming lives.

This appeal was made by National Transport and  Safety Authority NTSA.

Rift Valley Regional Manager Joseph Gichohi noted that if Kenyans can have behavioural change, then statistics on roads will also change.

“It all begins with our behaviors while on the road. If we can improve on that then we are good to go and the number of accidents shall reduce” he said.

He spoke on Tuesday at Mau summit Centre in Nakuru county during an event by Office of the Government spokesperson in collaboration with NTSA on road safety awareness and discipline.

He pointed out that vehicles with spotlights will not be allowed on roads as they also contribute to accidents.

Sentiments echoed by Government spokesperson Rtd Col Cyrus Oguna who called for discipline among road users.

Oguna reiterated the government commitment towards addressing the challenges on main highways.

“We shall play our part as Government but then Kenyans too and moreso road users must adhere to traffic rules.We don’t want to here of lives lost through accidents” said Oguna.


Matatus back to Nakuru CBD following conservatory court orders

The battle between Nakuru matatu operators and the County Government has gone notch higher after the operators obtained a court order allowing them back to the Central Business District.

The County government of Nakuru relocated all the PSV matatus from CBD in April this year in the name of decongesting town as well as observing the COVID-19 guidelines.

However, the move was not welcomed by matatu operators and Business people in town who felt the county was messing up their livelihoods by relocating them to none productive areas far away from CBD.

This saw the operators move to court after their attempts to have dialogue with the county government administration failed to materialize.

COURT ORDER.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

And now is reprieve after the court granted conservatory orders to petition that was submitted by Nakuru Youth Chairman Daniel Gitau demanding that the matatus be allowed back in the CBD.

According to the court order of November 11 seen by this writer, the court ordered that the matatus be returned back to their stages.

The Court also temporarily restrained the respondent (County government of Nakuru) from construction of new stage pending hearing and determination of the petition.

Addressing media at the Nakuru Mashambani stage,Nakuru Matatu Association officials said already they served the County Government of Nakuru as well as the Officer Commanding Nakuru Police station.

Led by Nakuru Town Service Matatu Sacco Association Chair Francis Njoroge alias Njosh and businessman Stephen Kuria ,the operators have called on the County government of Nakuru and the police to respect the court order.

Matatu officials led by Francis Njoroge alias Njosh addressing media after return to CBD.PHOTO/Courtesy.

On their part, they have vowed to ensure sanity and that they will only allow two matatus from each Sacco to load at the stage while the other matatus wait at a bay to avert congestion in stage.

“We call on police and the county government to adhere to the law as we have done and obey the court order. Our businesses have suffered a lot but now is the time to rebuild them again as per this court order” said Njoroge.

Sentiments echoed by Central Rift Matatu Association Chairman Stephen Muli.

Muli lauded the Nakuru Law courts for listening to their cry through the petition submitted by Daniel Kimani Gitau.

“We are grateful that the court has granted this conservatory orders and ours is to ensure we adhere to it” said Muli.

Nakuru Human Rights defender Simon Ole Nasieku on his part hitting out at the county government of Nakuru for failing to listen to the plight of Matatu operators and business persons.

He noted that since the relocation of matatus from CBD, hawkers and vendors have also gone through a lot of suffering.

“This is a new dawn and the governor should know that you cannot mistreat matatu operators who are also electorates. The court has played its role and we all must respect the same” said Nasieku.




Nakuru matatu operators vow support support for BBI

Matatu operators  in Nakuru town have vowed to support Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking on Wednesday during their peaceful  demonstrations in Nakuru town,the operators said they will rally behind the BBI.

While noting the harsh economic times since their relocation from Nakuru CBD in March this year,they called on Governor Lee Kinyanjui to be humane.

Led by their officials Stephen Muli and Francis Njoroge alias Njosh,the operators faulted the county government for taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to relocate them from CBD.

“We support BBI but we also want the President to step in and address our grievances as Matatu operators in Nakuru” said Muli from Central Rift Matatu Association.

Sentiments echoed by Town Service Matatu Association Chair Francis Njoroge who noted that the governor should stop chest thumping and listen to the sector.

The operators also submitted a Memorandum of Understanding to the Riftvalley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya.

According to the operators,the MoU contains that which the President should address as far as their welfare is concerned.

Addressing the operators after receiving the MoU, Natembeya was categorical that both levels of government were in talks over the issue.

“I can assure you that both the national government and county we are deliberating on this.We call for patience” said Natembeya.

The RC also calling on Kenyans to understand what the nation went through that led to the BBI.

While noting that Riftvalley Region is a hotpot of politics, Natembeya warned politicians against inciting youths to create violence.

“Riftvalley is a region that knows what violence and conflicts can do.We therefore call on politicians to be careful with sentiments they make.The youths should also embrace cohesiveness” he said.

Matters COVID-19 pandemic were not left with RC reminding locals to continue observing MOH protocols.

County at crossroad as developer claims back his land at Kwa Jack stage

Conflict is looming between County government of Nakuru and private developer over the ownership of the parcel of Land adjacent to Nakuru County Mortuary.
The county government had turned the parcel of Land into a temporary Matatu terminus commonly known as ‘Kwa Jack’.
This according to Governor Lee Kinyanjui was aimed at decongesting Nakuru’s Central Business amidst COVID-19.
However, Lawrence Maina Mwangi who claims the ownership of the land since 1996 says they were in agreement with the county to allow Matatus at Kwa Jack until July 30.
From there, he says the county was to relocate the matatus and compensate him for any damages caused to his land.
He, however, notes that the county has failed to adhere to the agreement with claims that the county government plans to forcefully take over the parcel of Land.
Addressing media at the terminus on Monday morning, Mwangi said the county has until November 1 to relocate the matatus from his parcel of Land.
“I have been the owner of this land since the 1990s and we just agreed to have the matatus here temporary but the county has failed to adhere to what we agreed and that’s why we are saying as from November no Matatu will be allowed here,” said Mwangi.
Similar sentiments echoed by Human Rights activists in Nakuru.
Led by Simon Ole Nasieku, they say the leadership of Governor Lee Kinyanjui has continued to harass common residents.
Nasieku also hitting out at security team in Nakuru.
He claims they are collaborating with the county government to intimidate locals.
The Human rights defenders now want President Uhuru Kenyatta through Interior CS Dr Fred Matiang’i to come to the defence of the locals in Nakuru.
“We are worried how the county government in collaboration with security team have continued to harass locals here. We call on President to come and save Nakuru locals” said Nasieku.
Nasieku also calling on Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to stand up and ensure the people of Nakuru are not harassed by the current administration.
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