12 students get sponsorship courtesy SOAR Kenya Community Foundation

A total of 12 students from Barut area in Nakuru West have been suuported by SOAR Kenya Community Foundation to join Secondary schools.

Out of the 12 sponsored students, 4 of them are in National while the remaining 8 joined extra county schools.

Donors include Rotarian Mitchell Mysliwiec David Coop,John,members of the Rotary club of Davis Sunrise and Bineti from California USA.

In a thank you letter to donors, Soar Kenya Academy Director James Yegon lauded them for the support.

He added that it will go a long way in ensuring the students’ dreams  are realized.

“Your sponsorship will help the students make their dreams come true and be responsible citizens in future” said Yegon.

This, even as he revealed that parents of the students are now a happy lot as their sons and daughter are now in school like other students.

It should be noted that SOAR Kenya Community Foundation is focused on making education accessible for the less fortunate who cannot afford education expenses.

Such program, Yegon adds will be extended towards supporting such families.

“We want to ensure a change in our community today and in future” he said.


Goodies for Akuisi Primary School fraternity as Patel Family extends CSR to local schools in Solai

Business family and philanthropists the Patel Family in Solai, Nakuru County has vowed to continue supporting local schools towards improved education standards in the area.

The assurance was made during a donation of school bags and other stationery to more than 500 pupils of Akuisi Primary School in Solai.

This is part of the Family’s Corporate Social Responsibility started by their forefathers, among them Shantilal Patel and Mansukh Patel.

Speaking at Akuisi Primary School on Saturday when the family handed over the donation in memory of the late Shantilal and Mansukh Patel, Perry Kansagra noted the high level of poverty in the area, adding that it’s only through education that many families will be transformed.

He said the family will act on the request made by the school concerning levelling of the playground, more classrooms and water harvesting tanks.

In addition, Perry said that more employment opportunities at the Patel Farm shall be considered moving forward.

“Education can help transform this area, and that is why we have stepped in as a family to support the local schools around. As a family, we will not deviate from charity gestures and helping the needy. We shall also help the parents in this area through more employment. We want to see improved livelihood” said Perry.

Several schools in Solai have continued to benefit from the Patel Family.

The majority of the pupils in the schools have their parents employed at the huge Patel Farm.

The family is now passing the mantle to the fourth generation of the Patel Family, with young Aditya Vicran already following in their footsteps.

Aditya who spoke at Akuisi Primary School during the event, Aditya called on the pupils to work hard. According to him, education is key to everything.

“Education is key and that is why as a family we are doing this gesture to support schools in this area,” he said.

The event was also attended by Patel Farm Manager Vinoj Kumar and local administrators.

Innovative learning hub opened in Barut, Nakuru West to boost access to computer literacy skills


The first ever innovative hub dubbed ‘Ubunifu Learning Hub’ has been opened in Barut, Nakuru West Sub County to help boost computer literacy in the area.

The Hub situated at Barut Centre, Chelnet Plaza’s 1st Floor is an idea that was initiated by Co-Founders Information and Technology expert Connor Reilly (based in Chicago,USA) and Nakuru based Joab Okello.

It opened doors to learners on Monday to undertake basic computer training for free with only a registration fee of Ksh.200 while advanced computer training for Ksh.1000.

Speaking to this writer, Okello said the hub will go a long way in bridging the gap that has been in the area as far as information technology is concerned.

“In partnership with my friend Reilly we thought of coming up with this Hub so that we can empower the society by ensuring computer literacy for all” said Okello.

He added that as the world embrace ICT, concept of work changes because people will no longer depend on the traditional formal jobs hence need for youths to seize the opportunity

While noting the many opportunities in the digital world, he called on parents and guardians to support their children to embrace ICT through enrolling for such trainings at the Ubunifu Hub.

“There are many digital opportunities and that is why we urge young people to ensure they have the computer skills and knowledge and exploit the millions of jobs available in the digital space” said Okello.

Locals in the area have embraced the initiative terming it an eye opener to many opportunities for them.

Led by Jeremiah Langat, they said the project is what is needed not only in Barut but across Kenya with focus on IT manufacturing that is currently lacking.

“This is a project whose time is ripe for not only Barut but Kenya as a whole. We need to start thinking of IT manufacturing” stated Langat.

Sentiments echoed by Stanley Muchangi who urged youths to make good use of the opportunity and enroll for computer lessons.

Some of the youths led by Franciscah Cherotich and Dan Simiyu who have already enrolled for lessons at the Hub, lauded the initiative vowing to remain focused and complete their courses.

Lead tutor at the facility Ms Esther Wangeci on her part reiterated that there are many opportunities that come with computer literacy.

“There are many opportunities out there as long as you have skills in computer” she said.



Report on state of health, education among minority and indigenous peoples launched

A report on the state of health and education among minority and indigenous peoples in Kenya has been launched.

The report aims at addressing the challenges that the minority and indigenous peoples in Kenya have been facing towards realization of quality health and education services.

Speaking in Nakuru on Thursday during the launch of the report, Ogiek Peoples Development Program(ODPP) Director Daniel Kobei, this will go a long way in pushing the national government to speed up the process of securing the lands of the Endorois, Sengwer and the Ogiek communities.

He added that there is need for government to implement the decisions of the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights, the African Commission on Peoples and Human Rights and its own laws for example the Community Land Act.

“The report is now a tool that we shall be using to push for better services as indigenous and minority” said Kobei.

According to Kobei, the Ogiek of Kuresoi should be supported in their quest to convert their freehold title deeds into a community title to stem the loss of land through land sales as well as the Sengwer of Embobut land rights in the forest glades to be recognized, respected and fulfilled and a joint management plan for Embobut forest.

The report that was developed after a research among the minority and indigenous peoples in Kenya also recommends that OPDP and other Civil Society Organizations to ensure the participation of the communities at all the stages of the budget making process both at the national and county levels as required by law.

The report recommends increasing the number of dispensaries and availability of maternities in all the community areas and the upgrading of at least one dispensary to a health centre in all the community areas (Laboot, Sandai and Mangai).

It further recommends an 4wd Ambulance in Chepkitale, Kapolet, Embobut,Sasimwani and Mochongoi and Awer areas to enable speedy response to emergencies.

In Education, there is need to increase the number of ECDs and place them in the villages to reduce the distance young children walk to ECDs centers in primary schools.

The report also recommends provision of at least one secondary school in Chepkitale and Mangai for Mt. Elgon Ogiek and Awer respectively while building of boarding school is recommended to the families that move from one place to another

Researcher and Consultant Kanyinke Sena while presenting the report also indicated that there was need to increase the ratio of teachers to pupils as well as government to ensure that there is plenty supply of books and laptops.

“Teachers should be trained to use government issued tablets. OPDP and CIDP Could partner with universities to teach ICT kills to teachers and students in Ogiek, Endorois, Sengwer and Awer territories” said Sena.

The challenge of lack of technical institute and colleges will be addressed if the government will ensure provision of at least one technical college/polyethnic in Chepkitale, Embobut,Laboi, Mangai and Mariashoni and enter partnerships with neighboring institutions including universities to create a quota for students from marginalized communities.

Human Rights defender Gitahi Githuku whom spoke after the launch of the report lauding OPDP for coming up with the document.

He called on the minority and indigenous peoples in Kenya to read the report and join in advocating for its implementation.

“This is a milestone in the lives of minority and indigenous peoples in Kenya. They now have a tool that they can use to push for their rights” said Gitahi.

Sentiments echoed by Winny Muinde from SDG Kenya-a consortium of CSOs that have been pushing towards realization of Sustainable Development Goals.

While noting that Health and Education are among the United Nations 17 SDGs, she called on minority and indigenous peoples in Kenya to use the report in realization of the same.

“As you all know Health and Education are among the UN 17 SDGs and therefore we are proud of OPDP for the report that will inform the services they get” she said.




MP fires warning shot on sex pests preying on school girls

Njoro MP Charity Kathambi has fired a warning shot at sex pests who prey on school-going girls and impregnate them.

Kathambi  said  those  behind such should  face the full arm of the law.

She spoke at Davison Primary school in Kihingo Ward,Njoro subcounty during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Kathambi noted that there has been a steady rise of cases of  school girls becoming pregnant in most parts of the country.

She told men to keep off school girls and ensure they complete their studies.

“To our men please let us keep of our girls.They need to study and complete the same”

The Lawmaker calling on security agencies to ensure law is enforced so that those found guilty are dealt with.

It should be noted that many cases of teenage pregnancies were reported during the COVID-19 pandemic that saw schools shut in March.

Grade 4,Class 8 and Form 4 students resumed learning on October 12.

Private schools’ teachers decry harsh economic times occasioned by COVID-19

Teachers from private schools in Nakuru county have decried the harsh economic times they are going through due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Addressing media in Nakuru on Monday,the teachers say the situation is unbearable.
Under the umbrella Nakuru county BOM and private school teachers,they say they are unable to cater for their bills since the schools were shut down by goverment following COVID-19.

Led by Hawala Fred,the private  teachers say they have not received their salary since March and with the school not opening u til September means  they will continue to feel the pinch.

“Since March the situation has not been favourable” said Hawala.
They are now appealing to President Uhuru Kenyatta  to consider them under the vulnerable groups for the next 3 months.
While noting that the government has set aside funds for the vulnerable,the private school teachers in Nakuru county say they should also be included in the category.
“We call on President to also listene to private school teachers and those employed by BOM” said Hawala.
They say they have raised the issue with their respective schools’ management but in vain since the proprietors are also going through hard times due to the fact that the schools are shut.
According to the teachers, proprietors of schools have no money since schools are not operating.
Henry Kong’a admits that since March they have been unable to pay their bills.
“We are going through alot as private school teachers.We cannot pay bills” he said.
It will  be recalled that last Saturday during the national address,President Uhuru Kenyatta hinted at schools opening as from September 1.
The President directed the Ministry of Education to come up with modalities on how schools will resume as from September.
He added that the education calendar shall be made public by mid August.

Why schools might remain closed till September

A team put together by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha to advice the Government on the way forward regarding reopening of schools has finalized its report.

The Sara Ruto led team is proposing that learning institutions should remain closed until September

According to the preliminary report released by the team, national examinations should be pushed to February 2021 and the entire education calendar revised.

The team is proposing that the government should allow students to continue staying at home arguing that sending them back to school will be exposing them to risks.

The task-force wants the reopening of schools done is phases by allowing class 8 and form four candidates to report back in September

The report is expected to be handed over to Magoha who will in turn hand it over to President Uhuru Kenyatta who will make the final decision on whether to reopen schools or not to.

Several bodies including teacher unions, civil society groups,parents associations and even lecturers unions had opposed the reopening of schools citing the risk that students would be exposed to

The education ministry extended the closure of schools by one month due to the corona virus pandemic.

Schools were expected to reopen on the first week of June.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to make the announcement on school reopening during his Madarak day address to the nation on June 1st.


KNUT pushes for postponement of KCSE,KCPE

As the debate on whether or not to open schools continues , teachers in the country are now calling for the postponement of the national examinations to next year.

Through the Kenya National Union of Teachers, the tutors want the Kenya certificate of secondary examinations(KCSE) and the Kenya certificate of primary education(KCPE) to be moved to March of 2021.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sosion says that it would be better to postpone the examinations rather than exposing innocent children to contracting the corona virus and possibly dying in the name of examinations.

He said that doing examinations is not the ticket to heaven and they can therefore wait.

KNUT wants the government to be realistic and alter the school calendar to allow the postponement of the examinations.

Schools are scheduled to be reopened next month subject to the governments decision and the report by the special committee set up by education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha.

University lecturers,parents and even civil society groups have opposed reopening of schools in June saying that it will be exposing children to the risk of corona virus.

They want the government to first contain the spread of the virus and put adequate measures in place to guarantee the security and safety of both children ,teachers and school workers.


Teacher unions differ on schools reopening

Teacher unions, parents and headteachers have  sharply differed on whether schools should reopen next month.

Days after the Kenya National Union of teachers opposed the reopening of schools, its sister union for post primary education teachers (KUPPET) has called for the reopening of schools in phases.

KUPPET officials say that students sitting for the national examinations this year and those in their final years in campuses should be allowed to resume school next month.

On its side KNUT says that reopening schools will be exposing students to the risk of contracting the corona virus considering  that the country is still unable to contain the spread

KNUT wants the school closure extended until such a time when the government will have fully contained the spread of corona virus.

on their part both primary and secondary school headteachers are also opposed to the reopening of schools which they say will endanger the lives of both teachers and students,

The headteachers argue that schools do not have adequate facilities to enable them fully adhere to safety measures put in place to control the spread of the virus.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha formed a committee to advise the government on the way forward in regards to whether learning can resume next month

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