County sponsors online concerts to cushion artists

The first edition of the Mtaani Live Show went down today at the Shabaab Social Hall in Nakuru Town West sub-County, with thousands of viewers following on social media platforms.
The concepts innovatively provided space and platform for local artists to showcase their talents in the times of COVID-19 pandemic as people cannot gather for concerts.
The event brought together artists from Nakuru Town East and Nakuru Town West sub-Counties with other such shows lined up across the County in the coming days.
DJ Spinel was on the decks, Kidrucha, Izzy Blacko and Veryl Mkali Wao rapped their hearts out, Vanessa, Wendy, Simor Music and Mr Chairman mellowed tunes as Lucy Empress and Shairi Nyata battled for stanzas.
Others who took to the stage are Elvis Russels with his acrobatic moves, instrumentalists Ian Ayugu and Mose showcased their prowess with Kevo Dancer and Jeff Gepa bringing the curtains down with a dance.
County minister for Youth, Gender, Culture, Sports and Social Services Eng. Lucy Kariuki said the COVID-19 pandemic has made artists lose livelihoods thus the need to support them.
She advised artists to be innovative and share out their artistic selves as life has not stopped with the COVID-19 pandemic threat.
Co-sponsors of event included Ideal sounds and Events ,Simor Music, Aifer Entertainment and Nakuru TV.

How to make homemade pineapple beer

The Pineapple fruit whose botanical name is (Ananas comosus) is delicious with many nutritional and healthy benefits.

Eating pineapples regularly helps in boosting immunity and helps in food digestion. The pineapple fruit also has enzymes that help the body to fight inflammation and diseases.

Pineapples can also be used to make beer at home. In South Africa, locals have resorted to this and the prices of pineapples have shot up exponentially in Johannesburg

As earlier said, it takes only three ingredients to make pineapple beer;


  • 1 pineapple
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 2 litres water


  • Peel the pineapples but do not throw away the peels.
  • Cut the peeled pineapples into small pieces.
  • Cut the peels into small pieces and combine with the pineapple pieces.
  • Mix the cut pieces, add the water cover and leave to ferment for four days at room temperature.
  • After four days, sieve to separate the liquid from the solid pieces and put into plastic bottles.
  • Once it starts fizzling, store the plastic bottles in a fridge but release the top regularly to let out gas.

Drink the tropical beer before it becomes too much carbonated.

Nakuru crowns Smirnoff Battle of Beats Season II Winner

The Smirnoff Battle of the Beats season II crowned Edwin Gitonga a.k.a Rajyz the DJ the second winner of the hotly contested deejaying competition.

All winning DJ acts walk away with a MacBook pro laptop, a flight case and a 2TB hard-discs.

Barely two weeks from the inaugural season opener in Thika, the DJ talents did not disappoint in Nakuru, with over 100 DJs turning out for the one-day audition session where the final six went toe to toe bringing the crowd at Club Sebs to their feet in pulsating battle that saw Rajyz the DJ come out victorious as the undisputed Smirnoff Battle of Beats Nakuru edition champion.

Rajyz the DJ becomes the second overall winner of the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats season II deejaying competition that will see other aspiring Deejays battle it out in the other three remaining editions in Kisii, Mombasa, and Nairobi.

The new regional format of the competition has already seen hundreds of participants audition for the competition boding well the remaining regional competitions.

Speaking in Nakuru, a key judge in her second season, DJ Mellow expressed her excitement at the talent level in Nakuru urging more Dj hopefuls to audition for the remaining editions to get the opportunity compete at the highest level.

“We are excited to be here in Nakuru as we have witnessed some epic battles and fierce rivalries during the of Smirnoff Battle of the Beats Nakuru edition. The talent pool around the different regions in country is enormous and we are encouraged by the turnout of Kenyans during the auditions process. We are employing even more Dj hopefuls to audition and get the opportunity to participate in this new entertainment wave that is Smirnoff battle of the Beats.,” said DJ Mellow.

This even as Kenya Breweries Limited vowed to continue to revamping the Kenyan Entertainment scene through the ‘Smirnoff Battle of Beats competition’.

The Competition is aimed at revamping the sector by giving training to the young upcoming DJs across the country.This is in line with brand Smirnoff which is founded on key pillars of Music, Art, Dance and Fashion, all cornerstones of a vibrant and creatively driven society.

‘Smirnoff Battle of the Beats’ season two is officially on after its launch at the ArtCaffe, Westminster, and Nairobi.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Friday during the competition Nakuru edition in which Rayjx the DJ was crowned the winner, Ms Christine Kariuki – Brand Manager Smirnoff reiterated that the ‘Smirnoff Battle of Beats competition’ is a platform to nurture talents.

“Battle of Beats Competition is one of the platforms that allow us to nurture talents of the young upcoming DJs. So what we are trying to do is to empower and grow the music industry in the country as Smirnoff we are committed to doing this” she said.

The Brand Manager revealing that their focus is across the country to enable them reach out to more talents.After Nakuru where 6 DJs had been shortlisted, she says the Battle of Beats Competition season two is headed to Mombasa.

“After Nakuru we are headed to Mombasa. We are going to many regions so that we can reach out to many” she said.

Since its launch, the ‘Smirnoff Battle of the Beats’ second edition has helped nurture many upcoming DJs.Those who win in the competition also bag several goodies among them the full DJ kit as well as training and mentorships.

Ms Kariuki urging the upcoming DJs in the country never to keep but come forward, grab and make use of the available opportunity.

“Winning is big but again it’s not just about winning but we giving them decks and full kit of what they need besides training and mentorship. So my appeal to the upcoming DJs make good use of the platform” said the Smirnoff Brand Manager.

The next phase of the competitions will head to Kisii, Mombasa and Nairobi in the coming weeks where fans will get the opportunity to see their favorite DJ’s like Mellow, Stylez and Hypnotiq and some of the best Kenyan deejaying talents delivering electric and engaging performances on this unique stage.

The competition is part of the larger Smirnoff Mix Experience, an ongoing cross-country sensitization campaign to educate consumers on their perfect cocktail options including the Smirnoff cocktail serve.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:KBL Smirnoff Brand Manager, Christine Kariuki with the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats winner, Rayjx the DJ during the Nakuru edition of the competition. The competition travels next to Mombasa county to unearth the newest talents in the kenyan deejaying scene

Senator Millicent Omanga responds to secret admirer

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has responded to a secret admirer who opened his heart and expressed his undying love.

The admirer from Kisii who signed off his post as Oanda had posted on Kenya’s popular Facebook group “Group Kenya.”

“Dear Millicent Omanga, am writing this letter secretly using my brother’s fb account,” wrote the Oanda.

“I would like to inform you that you took my heart long time ago but reaching you is a big problem for me,” he added

The secret admirer, further noted that a lot of other people who secretly crash on Senator Millicent Omanga fear her because of her beauty. Oanda revealed that he had personally decided to express his intention to date and even marry the curvaceous senator.

“People fear you because you are beautiful. But I have decided to date you even marry you,” wrote Oanda.

However, Oanda revealed that he is dead broke but suggested Omanga could cater for the relationship.

By the time he was posting in Facebook using his brother’s account, Oanda revealed that he was already on his way to Nairobi carrying all his worldly belongings.

“I have carried everything that I have with my bag. I wish you would show me your office. On my way to Nairobi,” signed off Oanda.

Senator Millicent Omanga’s Response to Oanda

Posting on her official Facebook page, Senator Millicent Omanga acknowledged receipt of the love note but expressed her regrets as she is already taken.

“Oanda hi, surely I don’t mind meeting you for your courageous efforts of reaching out to me, wrote the Senator.

“Sadly, I am already taken but all is not lost,” she added.

The senator went further to express her desire to meet the young courageous man and at least empower him.

“I still want to meet you, have a chat and also empower you economically,” Omanga wrote.

Omanga wants to empower the young Oanda so that by the time he meets the perfect girl for himself, he will be in a better position to wed and support the family. She requested Oanda to link up with her once he gets to Nairobi.

“Ukifika Nairobi nichapie hapo kwa inbox my driver will come pick you up akulete offe yangu. All the best bro,” signed off the senator.

From all of us here at Famous Nakuru, we wish Oanda all the best.

All set for ‘Sarafina the Musical’ at Nakuru Players Theatre

The county government of Nakuru has reiterated its commitment towards revamping Nakuru Players Theatre through staging plays that people can closely relate to.

It is in line with this that the Nakuru artistes and residents as a whole will this October (24th to 27th) be treated to play ‘Sarafina the Musical’ at the Nakuru Players Theatre.

The Play is being staged by the Nairobi Performing Arts Studio with most artistes from Nakuru expected to take part in.The story highlights the struggle for freedom in Soweto, South Africa, during Apartheid just before Nelson Mandela was released in 1990 and Apartheid ended.

The reenactment of Soweto students’ militant resistance to the Apartheid system, iced by live music and splendid choreography, has attracted thousands to watch the award-winning production.

Having staged several shows at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi in the last two years, Nairobi Performing Arts Studio director Stuart Nash says it’s time to take the performance to counties.

Sheilla Mwavinya, who starred in Wanuri Kahiu’s film, Rafiki, beams the show as Sarafina with Helen Mtawali playing her mother. Martin Githinji acts as Constable Sabela, a home-guard-kind of villain who is eventually killed by Sarafina and other Soweto youth.

And in an interview with this writer on Monday morning, Nakuru County Gender, Culture and Social services Chief Officer Ms Tumme Abduba lauded Governor Lee Kinyanjui for supporting the move.

According to Ms Tumme, the move will help revamp the Nakuru Players Theatre hence a boost to Nakuru artistes.

The Nakuru County Gender, Culture and Social services Chief Officer adding that once the Nakuru Players Theatre is revamped more revenue will be collected. Besides, the artistes will also have an earning as there will be visual-artistic materials that those who visit the facility to watch plays can purchase them.

“The reason why we are staging Sarafina in Nakuru is to help revamp the Theatre where performing artistes will have an earning. We also want to ensure the Players Theatre attracts even tourists who visit Nakuru where they can go join in the evening” said Tumme.

She reveals that already several International schools in Nakuru have shown interest in attending the show.According to the CO, this is a plus to the youths as it serves as a platform to help them learn and embrace the Africa culture.

“Already several schools in Nakuru have shown interest in the show as it also serves as platform to help our children understand the rich African culture” said Tumme.

The show that is being staged in Nakuru for the first time after Mombasa and Nairobi will attract many with tickets going at Ksh.1000 (advance),Ksh.1500(Gate)Group 7 for Ksh.6000 and Ksh.1500 (VIP).

Last year, Governor Lee officially opened the Nakuru Players Theatre after months of renovation where a modern recording studio was set up.

It should be noted that Nakuru has produced leading musicians and comedians gracing local and international stage such as Prof Harmo, Simor Music, DJ Shiti, Uprising Comedians, Kaka Bweha and Babushee among many others.

Sheila Mwavinya as Sarafina (left) in a chat with Mkamzee Mtalele as Mistress, the history teacher. Photo / Suleiman Mbatiah

‘Sarafina’ the musical comes to Nakuru

The Nairobi Performing Arts Studio is set to stage Sarafina the musical at the Nakuru Players Theatre mid next month.

The story highlights the struggle for freedom in Soweto, South Africa during the time of the Apartheid just before Nelson Mandela was released in 1990 and the Apartheid ended.

The reenactment of Soweto students’ militant resistance to the Apartheid system, iced by live music and splendid choreography, has attracted thousands to watch the award-winning production.

Having staged several shows at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi in the last two years, NPAS’s director Stuart Nash says it’s time to take the performance to counties.

Between July 18 and 28 this year, twelve shows were staged at KNT and the auditorium was fully packed, had to add more seats on the aisle and shut down ticketing machines.

The theatre has 345-seater modern auditorium; Stalls 278 and Balcony 67, all glued on the performances.

Sheilla Mwavinya, who starred in Wanuri Kahiu’s film, Rafiki, beams the show as Sarafina with Helen Mtawali acting as her mother.

Martin Githinji plays Constable Sabela, a home-guard-kind of villain who is eventually killed by Sarafina and other Soweto youth.

“We are investing more on songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance to tell our own stories,” said Mr Stuart while revealing that he had acquired rights to stage the Nairobi Half Life.

The Nairobi Half Life is a 2012 Kenyan drama film directed by David “Tosh” Gitonga about an aspiring actor who travels from his upcountry to Nairobi but ends up in a crime web.
NPAS will also stage The Lion King, a Kenyan-shot sequel animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

In 2017, NPAS staged Jesus Christ Superstar, a 1973 American musical drama film and Grease, a 1978 American musical romantic comedy movie.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said that Kenya has stories to reenact such as the Happy Valley in Nyandarua, Lord Egerton Castle in Nakuru, the Mau Mau struggles among others.

“It’s time to bring people back to the theatres by staging stories they can closely relate to,” said the governor during one of the shows at KNT.

The Governor said this would see the revival of performing arts in the country that has been overshadowed by the emergence of westernized cinemas.

The Governor sponsored thespians from Nakuru to watch Sarafina and benchmark on international acting and production standards.

He added that it would also attract tourists, “In Europe, there are live performances every other evening across cities that make tourists spend another night. That’s the Nakuru we want.”

Last year, Governor Lee officially opened the Nakuru Players Theatre after months of renovation where a modern recording studio was set up.

The County is set to sign a memorandum of understanding with Kabarak University to refocus music and other performing arts for sustainable development.

Under the partnership deal, the university’s School of Music and Performing Arts and the Nakuru Players’ Theatre will work closely in nurturing talent and knowledge sharing among artists.

Kabarak University deputy vice-chancellor – Academics and Research Prof John Ocholla has called on all stakeholders to work together in conserving and promoting culture through music and other genres of art.

Nakuru has produced leading musicians and comedians gracing local and international stage such as Prof Harmo, Simor Music, DJ Shiti, Uprising Comedians, Kaka Bweha, Babushee among many others.

County launches health strategic and Investment Plan 2018-2022

The County Government Nakuru has launched the Nakuru Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan 2018-2019 as a way of improving service delivery.

Speaking on Wednesday during the launch of the document, Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said his administration has taken health matters seriously.

The County boss revealing that the county is also focusing on improving infrastructure of various health facilities.He also called on staff in the health department to always maintain professionalism in their service to humanity.

During the ceremony the best staff in health sector in Nakuru County were also recognized and awarded by the county government with Governor Kinyanjui stating that was the only way to motivate them.

“We must learn to appreciate our staff and what they do in our various sectors. As a county we are focused on improving the health sector because it touches directly on the people. I once gain call upon the healthcare personnel to ensure they use the opportunity they have to make a difference in the sector” said Kinyanjui.

Similar sentiments echoed by Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir.The DG who is also the acting CECM for infrastructure assuring that his department will work to see to it that all roads that lead to health facilities in Nakuru County are in order.

“As the acting CECM for infrastructure we shall ensure that all roads that lead to health facilities are in good condition so that our people do not suffer while seeking services form the facilities” said Dr.Korir.

During the ceremony, Dr.Dolce Wanda who is in-charge of the Nakuru Level 5 Oncology centre was awarded as the overall best health practitioner in Nakuru County.

Addressing media after the ceremony, Dr.Wanda stated that the award is a clear indicator that the work that is done by the staff in the health sector is recognized.She called on her colleagues to continue serving humanity with much care and love.

“Whatever you do to a patient today is the same thing that will happen to you or to person you love so let us serve humanity professionally and with much care” said Dr.Wanda.

The ceremony was also attended by Nakuru County CEC for Health Dr.Gichuki Kariuki and other stakeholders.

PHOTO/NGPU: Dr. Dolce Wanda(Head of Oncology unit at Nakuru Level 5) receives award from Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui duirng the launch of the Nakuru Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan 2018-2019.

Okiki declares interest for the Nakuru Town West seat

Nakuru West ODM politician Hezron Okiki has officially declared his interest for the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat come 2022.

Speaking exclusively on Nakuru Town-based Radio Yetu 89.2 Fm during Friday evening show hosted by Ogola Mjomba, the ODM politician said he is ready for the seat.

“I declare with overwhelming and with power that I will be vying for the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2022”he said.

He argued that there are many areas in Nakuru West that he feels needs more sober leadership in order to address the challenges.

When asked what he will do different from the sitting MP, Okiki was categorical that he will push legislation that will see the people of Nakuru Town West enjoy.

He claimed that the sitting MP has never initiated a bill in favor of the people of Nakuru Town West.“Legislation at National level will help address the challenges.

The current MP has sponsored no Bill as far as Nakuru West is concerned. I will be sponsoring bills to help address the challenges facing the area” said Okiki.

He added that health matters despite being devolved, an MP can push for legislation to have more Level 4 hospitals at grassroot.

Okiki further slammed leaders who have been operating with goons in Nakuru.According to the ODM politician, when a leader who operates with goons meets with another leader who operates with goons then the citizens are to suffer as lives are lost.

He appealed to leaders to exercise mature politics and accept criticism without being violent.

“We need mature politics that focuses on transforming the lives of the common citizens who pay tax. Leaders should accept criticism” said Okiki.

On the ongoing debate o f Nakuru becoming a city, the politician is of the view that there are requirements that needs to be met.While stating that he supports the elevation to city status, Okiki says the process should not be rushed but all requirements must be met.

“I support Nakuru becoming a city but as it stands now we still have requirements that are yet to be met” he said.

Okiki also appealing on the county assembly of Nakuru to support the Ekuro Aukot Punguza Mzigo initiative.He says Kenyans are fed up with burden and time is now that some seats are done away with.

“Kenyans are fed up with burden. I call upon the county assembly of Nakuru r support the Punguza Mzigo initiative” said Okiki.

Okiki who brands himself as the only remaining pillar of ODM in Nakuru Town West called on residents of Nakuru Town West to maintain peace ahead of the 2022 politics.

He becomes the second politician to declare his interest for the seat after Erick Ogada of United Green Movement Party also declared his interest for the seat.

Hezron Okiki who unsuccessfully contested Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2017 on ODM ticket. [Source/Nakuru Famous]

Nakuru Women’s Prison to Mark Valentine’s Day in Style

Inmates at the Nakuru Women’s Prison will make this year’s Valentine’s Day in style.

A Nakuru based Community Based Organization that deals with offering psychosocial support is behind the idea. The Psychiatric Disability Organisation of Kenya (PDO) in partnership with other organizations and individuals have teamed up together to make the day a success.

“The Valentine’s Day is one of the saddest days in the life of a female inmate,” says Mr. Iregi Mwenja the CEO and founder of PDO.

Since the beginning of 2017, the organization has been offering psychosocial support to the inmates at the women prison.

“Most of these inmates get abandoned by their loved ones the moment they are arrested or sentenced. It’s very rare to see their husbands or boyfriends coming to see them while they are in prison,” reveals Iregi adding that this causes the prisoners to feel abandoned and causes them to lose their self-esteem, confidence and drive in life.

“We have been coming to the prison regularly since last year. We provide counselling and a listening ear to the inmates and help in getting them re-accepted back into the society after their release,” says Iregi.

PDO in a past event at Nakuru Women's Prison
PDO staff in a past event at Nakuru Women’s Prison

The Nakuru Women’s Prison Beauty contest and talent show will be held on Friday the 16th of February. The event is not so much of a competition but an opportunity to make the women feel they are still part of the society.

“We have planned many fun activities for that day. Modelling, dancing, singing and exchanging of gifts are few of the activities on that day,” reveals Iregi.

The event will bring together the prisoners, their families, residents and the prison warden.

“We are really looking forward to the event and are encouraging the wardens to fully participate,” says Ms Emily Momanyi the officer in charge of the institution.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Emily Momanyi says the day will also help the society understand some of the challenges they face as a prison.

“Many people don’t know that some of these mothers are here with their children. Currently, we have 25 children all under the age of four (4), ” reveals the SSP.

She adds that one of the greatest challenges they face of providing a healthy balanced diet for the children as there is usually no special allocation for children.

“Everything we receive is for the prisoners. We are forced to go out of our ways to cater for the children and normally depend on well-wishers donations to provide milk for the children,” she says.

Valentine's Day at Nakuru Women's Prison
Valentine’s Day at Nakuru Women’s Prison

Other special needs for the children include beddings, clothing, nutritional foods and diapers.

The organisers and hoping that on the day of the Valentine’s Day event, well-wishers will provide for these needs and impact positively on the prisoners.

“The inmates are looking forward to a change of diet, interacting with residents, looking beautiful and generally having fun,” says Iregi.

To make the day a success, students from Ashley’s Beauty college and Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies have volunteered to make the ladies look beautiful.

“The schools have allowed their beauty students to offer beauty services. What we are now looking for is someone who can provide us with the beauty items,” he says.

The organisers are also hoping to get food donations to prepare a buffet for that day, refreshments, flowers and toiletries.

“Am sure the day will be a huge success. The inmates are ecstatic and I believe the society will come out in huge numbers to make it happen,” says Iregi as he and his team continue with the preparations.

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