Donors lauded for contribution towards Soar Kenya Academy’s success

Barut-based Soar Kenya Academy Management has lauded all donors and well-wishers for their contribution towards various projects in the School.

The Schools’ Director James Yegon says donors and well-wishers have played key role in the shaping of the School.

According to him, the school has been able to fully prepare for the Juniro Secondary through the help of individuals and families that support education.

Taking to his official Facebook account, Yegon pointed out these individuals and families lauding them for the good gesture.

“Dear Henny Niessen , Julia Niessen  Niessen family and the friend of Niessen family. Receive many thanks from Soar Kenya academy family for your generous donation towards sponsorship of six pupils for one full year and finishing of our junior secondary school classrooms” he wrote.

The school has been doing well in the National Examinations.

In the 2022 class eight national examination KCPE, all the 35 candidates who enrolled scored 300 marks and above.

Yegon says, the success is attributed to the good motivation that teachers in the school receive.

The school has also been helping needy children from the village of Kilelwet through full sponsorship of their education.

Soar Kenya Academy shines in 2022 KCPE

Soar Kenya Academy in Nakuru West Sub County has hit headlines with good results in 2022 KCPE.

All the 35 candidates who sat the Examination at the centre scored 300 marks and above.

The top candidate Maxwell Modecai scored 393 while the least got 310 marks.

Top girl at the school Winnie Mwango scored 374 marks.

The school recorded a Meanscore of 357.43 with 25 students scoring 350 marks and above.

Reacting to the results, Soar Kenya Academy Director James Yegon noted termed it ‘Good News’.

He commended the teachers and donors for the support towards the success.

“This is good news!! We presented 35 candidates to the Kenya national examination council(KNEC) the leading got 393 and the least got 310 school mean score 357.43. Congratulations to all our candidates and teachers.To our donors,Thank you so much for your support.God bless you” said Yegon.

MP Arama lauds Education stakeholders for overseeing smooth KCPE, KPSEA exams

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has lauded education stakeholders in his Constituency for ensuring smooth KCPE and Grade 6’s KPSEA exams.

The pro-education Lawmaker noted that there has not been any incident in Nakuru West during the examination period.

He attributed this to the good coordination among stakeholders.

“We thank all the stakeholders; teachers, the parents, Sub County education officers and religious leaders for ensuring smooth examination period. There was no any single incident in our Schools and we thank God for the discipline and ample time” stated Arama.

Arama who has matters education in his Constituency at heart also congratulated Standard 8 and Grade 6 for completing their national exams in high spirit.

He vowed to ensure transition to the next level.

“Pongezi to all the Nakuru Town West Grade 6 and class 8 (KPSEA and KCPE) candidates for finishing your respective assessment test in high spirit” he said.

It should be noted that Nakuru Town West Constituency NG-CDF has been lauded for ensuring all children are in school through proper utilization of bursary.


Education PS Dr. Jwan refutes media reports on starving Tiaty KCPE candidates

Principal Secretary, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education Dr.Julius Jwan has refuted media reports that some schools in Tiaty-Baringo and some parts of Turkana are in dire need of food for learners.

Speaking in Nakuru on Tuesday morning when he presided over the distribution of examination materials, Jwan stated that the reports were incorrect.

The PS stated that no school was facing such scenario as government has put in place measures to ensure learners get meals in school.

“I have seen some reports purporting that learners and teachers in some schools in Tiaty and Turkana are begging for food. I want to state here that there is nothing as such and you can even make calls to confirm. The Ministry has a program in place where we have ensured that learners get meals in school during this time of national examinations” he said.

On the issue of some centres in Eldoret and Bungoma having not received their examinations materials, Dr.Jwan Once again clarified that is not the case.

According to him the over 50 centres had been shut down during sometimes back and students registered in other centres hence no student has missed examinations.

“These are centres that had a few students and shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic hence students were transferred to other centres. So I can assure you that no candidate has missed exams” said Jwan.

Jwan who monitored the distribution of examination materials in Nakuru County lauded the role played by stakeholders in ensuring smooth exercise.

He called on parents who are worried about transition to Junior Secondary to be patient as Taskforce on CBC prepares to hand over report to President.


Nakuru school on spot for registering candidates in other schools contrary to KNEC regulations

A private school in Nakuru is on spot for transferring and registering candidates in other schools contrary to their parents’ wish.

Residents took to social media on Sunday over the matter just before national examinations commenced decrying the move taken by the school.

The outcry drew the attention of Ministry of Education and investigations launched into the matter.

Speaking in Nakuru on Tuesday morning when he led multi-agency team in monitoring the distribution of examination materials to various centres, Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan said investigations into the matter are complete.

He was quick to note that an action shall be taken once the report is submitted to the Ministry adding that it was illegal for a school to do such.

“You are aware of an incident in Nakuru where a private school decided to transfer candidates to other schools without the knowledge of the parents. The matter has been investigated and we shall take appropriate action since the school acted contrary to the Kenya National Examinations Council regulations” said Jwan.

All smiles as Lilian Atieno’s dream of becoming an International nurse comes true

Lilian Atieno’s dream of becoming an International nurse was almost coming to a halt before Mediheal Group of Hospitals’ Vice President Operations Santosh Devaraj stepped in.

After learning of the plight of the then student , Mr.Santosh agreed to pay her full fee to complete her studies in Nursing.

The 28 year-old and third born in a family of 11 siblings narrated to Journalists that her journey of becoming a nurse began at Nakuru West PCEA Medical College in 2017.

However, things would turn out not to work out well due to lack of school fee when she was in her second year at the college as she only relied on her parents’ casual work pay.

She was forced to drop out of college and started to sell second hand clothes.

Her dream would rejuvenate once again two years later after her story was highlighted by a Nakuru Media Group reporter Francis Mureithi.

It is after her story was highlighted that Mediheal Group of Hospitals’ Vice President Operations Santosh Devaraj stepped in and agreed to pay her fee.

Ms Atieno would later excel in her studies leading to her absorption at Mediheal Hospital after an opportunity of a vacant nursing position came knocking.

“I was almost giving up until Mediheal stepped in for me. I was able to complete my studies and when Mediheal advertised for a vacancy I applied and I got absorbed” she said.

It is during her time as a staff at Mediheal Hospitals Nakuru that she reveals that another opportunity opened up for her where she applied for a program that will see her absorbed as a Nurse in the United Kingdom.

This, she attributed to the good mentorship she received as staff at Mediheal Group of Hospitals Nakuru.

Even as she plans to travel to United Kingdom, she encourages students not to give up no matter the challenges they face in life.

“I am very grateful to Mediheal Hospital for giving me opportunity and an upper hand even in the application I made to UK. To all those nurses out there, there are many challenges but we should not give up” she stated.

Mediheal Group of Hospitals’ Vice President Operations Santosh Devaraj addressing Jurnalists, said he first interacted with Lilian in 2019 on the challenge of the school fee which was sorted and she was able to continue with her studies.

According to Santosh, in 2021/2022 the Facility recruited her as a registered nurse and it is her hard work that has seen her get an opportunity in the United Kingdom.

He was quick to note that, Mediheal Group of Hospitals has continued to ensure better training and state of art equipment for quality service delivery.

While noting that the medical profession is very dedicated and respected through ought the World, Santosh challenged the Medical students to make right selection of courses and units.

“This is a plus to us as an Institution even as we release Lilian to UK. It is also a call to all students to make good use of the opportunities available in the Medical field. Let them select the medical courses and as institution, we shall continue to support where we can” he said.

Simialr sentiments echoed by Mediheal Group of Hospitals Nakuru Chief Nurse Ms Elizabeth Nyokabi who congratulated Nurse Atieno terming her a great disciplined nurse.

Nyokabi revealed that the parents of the children in the ward that she has been working at were surprised that she was leaving for UK hence for the sake of love they had to organize and buy her a cake.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity and we hope the same discipline she showed will also be extended to UK” said Nyokabi.

200 students graduate from Kagoto Vocational Centre

A total of 200 youth have graduated in various courses at Kagoto Vocational Training Centre in Kiamaina Ward of Bahati Sub County in Nakuru County.

The majority of whom are from humble backgrounds having received sponsorship from Community Based Organization -Community and Progress Youth empowerment-CAP.

The students lauded the CBO for coming to their rescue in ensuring continuity of their professional studies.

They however called on their fellow youth to take serious technical courses terming them key in the current world.

Cecilia Wanjiku- a student noted that she has been able to acquire skills that will enable her in the market sector.

“I am very grateful for this far through the help of CAP. I appeal to young people to shun drugs and substance abuse and enrol for technical courses to better their lives” she said.

Kagoto Vocational Training Centre Principal Malachi Manaseh Omela revealed that that is the first lot graduating under the program on short technical courses.

While noting that drug and substance abuse poses a challenge to the education sector in the area, Manaseh challenged young people to shun from such vices and focus on their studies especially through the vocational centres.

“it is a great day in our centre that we have this lot graduating, an indicator that technical courses are the way to go especially during this time that we are talking of manufacturing agenda. If our young people can shun criminal activities and focus on education then we can have a better society” stated Manaseh.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Nakuru County Assistant Director Vocational Training Ms Catherine Mugo.

She called on youth to maximize on the numerous courses offered in the various Vocational Institutions in Nakuru County.

“We have many different courses offered in our vocational institutions in Nakuru County and I challenge young people to enrol” she said.

Barut-based Soar Kenya Academy lauded for embracing holistic educatio

Barut-based Soar Kenya Academy in Nakuru West Sub County has been lauded for embracing holistic education to learners.

Speaking at the school over the weekend during the graduation ceremony for PP2 and Grade 6 pupils, immediate former President Rotary Club of Nakuru Joab Okello lauded the approach saying it is key in broadening the mind of the learner.

He encouraged parents to invest in the education of their children so as to give them a strong foundation for prosperity.

According to Okello, children need to be provided not only with accessible but quality education especially at a tender age to keep them abreast with learning skills.

On the ongoing conversation on Competency Based Curriculum, Okello urged the Government to work closely with stakeholders in implementing the same.

“I am impressed with Soar Kenya Academy simply because the school has continued to cater holistic education to the learners and in doing so they are bringing up great people in society. This is in line with CBC that the government is advocating for” said Okello.

The Founder and Director Soar Kenya Academy James Yegon on his part reiterating the school’s commitment towards working with government and other stakeholders to improve education standards.

He noted that, education sector is huge and should involve all stakeholders for a better society and nation at large.

On the CBC issue, Yegon revealed that the centre is fully prepared in terms of teachers’ training as well as infrastructure for the Junior Secondary.

“On CBC, we are ready as a school. We hope the taskforce will give a report on time so that we can move forward” he said.

The centre recorded a mean score of 372.58 in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and this year the school has a target mean score of 380 and above.

The school’s head Godfrey Odida on his part called on the government to work closely with stakeholders in improving the education standards in the country.

According to him, there is still confusion on various aspects of the new curriculum hence the need for proper sensitization.

“There is dire need for the government to carry out proper sensitization on the CBC to address the state of confusion that the majority of parents and schools are in” he said.

Since the inception of CBC parents have been raising concerns with calls on the government to help address the same before full implementation.

Key among them is the issue of current schools accommodating the Junior secondary.

Praxcedes Namathi- a parent at Soar Kenya Academy says the mixing of the pupils should be looked into.

She is however quick to note that the CBC in itself is a good curriculum that should be embraced by all.

“We still wait for the taskforce to give their report so that we can be in the know how” she said.

Sentiments echoed by Ms Vivian Chelang’at who is a young parent.

To her, CBC is the way to go as pupils are exposed to great opportunities and talents as per their capability.


Task Force: There is more in CBC than just Junior Secondary

The presidential task force on education reforms says Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is not all about Junior Secondary, but rather runs across the education system from Pre-Primary, Primary, and Secondary up to University.

Speaking on Thursday during a courtesy call to Nakuru Deputy Governor David Kones in his office, the members led by Fr. Professor Stephen Mbugua said the public has had a bad notion about the CBC.

“CBC is not the Primary or Secondary as people have said, but rather it is right from pre-primary to university education” said Fr.Mbugua.

The team has already visited Samburu, Laikipia Counties.

In Nakuru County the team shall be visiting various institutions to get views on the CBC and the legal frameworks as they would like to have it.

The curriculum has received equal measure of praise and criticism.

It should be noted that foundation education is devolved and counties have a mandate to make sure that it works.

Nakuru Deputy Governor David Kones on his part emphasised on the need to have education system checked to suite the requirements of the country.

“Changing the system should not burden the learners, teachers and parents. Of concern is also whether the system needs an overhaul or not, are the personnel trained?” he stated.

The DG outlined that the county has a program on ECD where learners are served with lunch with adequate teachers as well as reduced maximum distance between ECD centres.

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