Cancer patient calls on doctors to resume job as her pain is unbearable

Even as a progress report on negotiations seeking to end the doctors’ strike that is in its third month is expected to be filed in court this Wednesday, it is now clear that most patients who cannot afford medication in private hospitals are now opting to remain at home due to the ongoing strike.

The most affected are cancer patients who require chemotherapy sessions but now miss the essential service despite the fact that government purchased MRI machines for use in most level 4 and level 5 hospital.

Leah Njeri Thuo from Njoro- one of the patients who is spending sleepless nights and her only hope now is herbal drugs.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2004, has all along been receiving treatment at Nakuru level 5 hospital until doctors went on strike making it difficult for her to access services needed.

With her condition worsening day after the other, she is now appealing to doctors to resume duty as negotiations over implementation of their 2013 CBA continue.

“Most patients continue to suffer silently at home as they cannot afford medication in private hospitals.My appeal is just to the Doctors to resume work as their issues are handled” she said.

Accordicng to Peninah Sortum Choge-a nominated MCA from Nakuru who has been assisting the 69 year old mother of five get medication, the doctors strike has led to suffering of many patients while others have died.

She regretted that this was happening when the government had purchased equipment that have since reduced the cost cancer management.

While reiterating the need for doctors to resume work as dialogue continues, Peninah said that cancer has remained a killer diseases.