Businessman files a petition restraining supermarkets from selling fresh produce

A petition seeking to restrain supermarkets from selling fresh produce has been tabled before the Nakuru county assembly.

The petition was tabled by businessman Hezron Manyara seeks to protect small scale traders.

It is a petition that has received numerous support by traders at Wakulima market.

The traders say that supermarkets have been exploiting them by selling a wide range of farm produce at an inflated cost.

They said that most people opt to walk into a supermarket and buy the produce instead of going to the market to buy the same.

According to Manyara, should the petition receive overwhelming support from MCAs then traders at Wakulima market will spared of the agony they have been undergoing.

The poor state of Wakulima market has also been termed as a reason why most people opt to buy fresh produce from supermarkets.

Photo/standard: Nakuru County Assembly.

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