Business to a standstill as Kihika launches Voter registration

The ever energetic incoming Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has today taken Naivasha by storm as she traversed the area in a voter registration drive.

Kihika talking to Naivasha youth on voter registration

Kihika and her entourage were heartily received wherever they addressed residents with two main stopovers. One at Kikopey (Nyama Choma) and an earlier one at Naivasha town.

At both stopvers where Kihika was mobbeb by the eager residents, she talked to them about the importance of registering as voters and also talking to their friends about the same.
She also asked the residents to support the Jubilee government and to come out in large numbers during the elections to support UhuRuto.
“We have all seen the great things that the Jubilee government has done. Let us all come out in large numbers in August to give UhuRuto another chance,” said *Kihika*.
She at the same time affirmed her aspirations to be the next Nakuru County governor and asked Naivasha residents to support her.

“Time has come to have a youthful and energetic Senator,” said

Kihika on the voter registration drive

Kihika amid cheers from from the crowd.

Susan Kihika promised that she would be going back to  Naivasha soon for a more comprehensive visit.

Business Comes to a Standstill

At Nyamachoma (Kikopey), business came to a halt when Kihika made a grand entrance before sharing a meal with the residents who could not hide their joy and excitement at meeting her.
The residents rushed to see her and listen to her as they cheered her wildly.
Business also came to a temporary halt when Kihika’s convoy entered Nakuru. As it went through Kenyatta Avenue, eager residents came out to watch in awe anticipating to see her.
Although she didn’t address them as she has something prepared for them, their love for her could almost be felt.
All in all, it was evident the residents of Nakuru County are *ready to support Susan Kihika* to the Senate.
Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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