Boy child endagered too, says Children rights defender

The boy child continues to face challenges of discrimination and sexual exploitation among other abuses in the society.
According to program coordinator at Edmund Advocacy Network Johnstone Shisanya, the boy child always shy of talking about some of the abuses they undergo in daily lives.
It is for this reason that he calls on parents and the society at large to ensure they talk to their sons frequently to understand what they are going through.
“My appeal is tot the parents and the society at large that let us listen to our sons more frequently to get to understand them” he said.
According to Shisanya, more emphasis is given to the girl child hence the boy child remaining endangered species.
While noting that every child should enjoy the rights they are entitled to, Shisanya called on all stakeholders to ensure that no abuses in the society against children.
PHOTO/Courtesy:Child rights

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