‘Bishop Johanna’ refuses to talk to Journalists on his ‘arrest’

A mention of ‘Bishop Johana’ and every Kenyan recalls viral video featuring the ‘preacher’ conducting a controversial healing ritual to a woman.

The video stirred widespread debate and condemnation in equal measure.

And on March 2, 2024, ‘Bishop Johanna’ again in the media, but this time round not performing ‘healing rituals’, but in the hands of the law enforcers-the police.

In one of the videos circulated by Nakuru-based Journalist, ‘Bishop Johanna’ is seen at Central Police station Nakuru for unknown reason.

When Journalists tried to inquire from him whhether he was there to record statement or not, the ‘preacher’ turns a deaf ear to the journalists who were filming.

‘Bishop Johanna’ is only heard responding to the journalists, ‘ Picha ni ya Nini bwana?Si wewe mwenye unapiga picha ndio unafaa kujua kwa Nini Niko hapa(Why are you taking photos of me….You are better placed to know why I am here).

At one particular time, the ‘clergy’ pushes the journalist to allow him lock the door of the car only for the journalist’s phone to fall down.

When the Journalist tried to question why the ‘clergy’ was doing so, again he got no answer and the ‘clergy’ drove away from Central Police station.

In a quick rejoinder cooling the many questions that Nakuru residents had, another re-known Nakuru blogger and social media guru wrote on his Facebook page indicating that Bishop Johanna’ had been picked up for grilling by DCI sleuths

“Bishop Johanna picked up for grilling by DCI sleuths in Nakuru city,” stated.

According to the blogger, an eyewitness said he was arrested around Kingdom Seekers church area and whisked away in an unmasked car.

The statement further added that he was reportedly in a pub when the cops struck.

When media tried to track to central Police Station Nakuru, they found he’d just been released.

The blogger added that a person who was present at the popular pub says Johanna was taking nyama choma when the police caught up with him.

Cop mmoja amekuja akajifanya yeye ni fan wake, he asked him how he pray for the sick kumbe anam record.

The three other cops came later.

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