Bedi Investment gets a clean bill of health for mass production of PPEs

 A Nakuru based textile company has been given a clean bill of health to carry on mass production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).  

Bedi Investment Limited formally focusing on the export market shifted gears towards the manufacturing of PPEs in the fight against COVID-19. 

Players including the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Equity Group Foundation, and the Covid-19 fund committee said the equipment was up to the certified standards by KEBS. 

The company is currently manufacturing at least 10,000 PPEs daily and the same is expected to be distributed throughout the country. 

Speaking while touring the facility on Tuesday, Kenya Association of Manufacturers CEO Phylis Wakiaga who is also a member of the Board COVID-19 Fund noted that the production will go a long way in establishing the local supply of the crucial equipment. 

Wakiaga said KAM will continue to work closely with other stakeholders in boosting local manufacturers even during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the same time, she called on local manufacturers to ensure they produce quality PPEs for the healthcare workers who are key in the fight against covid-19. 

“We stress on high-quality production of PPEs for our healthcare workers and with this, I can say Kenya is making a huge stride in local manufacturing to combat the disease,” she said. 

Dr.Joan Korir from Equity Foundation Health Technical team noted that healthcare workers are key and prompting the foundation to step in to ensure local manufacturers are well assisted in their productions. 

Dr. Korir called on all stakeholders to ensure concerted efforts observing that there has been a challenge in acquiring the PPEs for the healthcare workers. 

“A team effort will be essential in the fight against this virus all of us have a responsibility to ensure all Kenyans are safe,” she said. 

Bedi Company Managing Director Jaswinder Bedi addressing media at the company.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Bedi Company Managing Director Jaswinder Bedi said with the strain for the country in importing the equipment they were forced to shift focus from textile for a bit in order to focus on mass production. 

According to Bedi the company is now doing 80 percent production locally adding that it was a hard task to shift company production to PPEs noting that it has become an eye-opener four months later. 

He notes that in the whole fight against COVID-19 healthcare workers are key and they need protection hence the focus on PPEs. 

“At the moment the company is focusing only on production for Kenya but we are mulling of expanding the same to other countries in Africa,” said Bedi 

Others who addressed during the tour included Alfred Obengo-President National Nurses of Kenya and Albert Taiti from the Clinical officers Association. 

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