Be responsible and send county staff home, Senator Kihika tells Governor Lee

Nakuru County Senator Susana Kihika has differed with Governor Lee Kinyanjui over the decision to keep County staff at work despite the fear over the spread of Corona virus.

In a statement, Senator Kihika said that it was almost impossible for the county workers to observe the social distancing directive given their huge number.

She wondered why the county government was finding it hard to release its staff to go home when other devolved units were doing it.

“While everyone else is playing their role to contain the spread of Covid-19, its most unfortunate that Nakuru County Government has flatly refused to let the non-essential staff stay / work from home” she said.

She added “We have over 4,500 members of Nakuru County staff who cannot practice social distancing because apparently, the County Government is more concerned by a shortfall in its revenue collection target as opposed to safeguarding the lives of it’s staff and by extension their families and the entire community”.

Kihika termed the laxity by the county to release staff as irresponsible and one that borders on criminality and inhuman behavior.

She said “I call on Governor Lee to do the most responsible thing and release any non-essential staff from their places of work until such a time when we shall have contained this scourge”.

At the same time Senator Kihika called upon the In addition County Government to adequately take care of the essential staff by providing enough sanitation points and adequate attire including masks, gloves and sanitizers for the County cleaning staff.


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