Plastic bags ban now reality, comply or face jail term

The ban of plastic bags is now becoming a reality in Nakuru county which has been largely hit by the solid waste management disaster.
A spot check in some of the supermarkets in Nakuru have embraced the alternative means of packaging shopping (biodegradable plastics) for their customers so as to comply with the ban which takes effect as from this Monday.
The ban however comes with its both positive and negative impacts on the economy with some plastic carrier bags sellers now saying life will be difficult.
‘Kibonge’- a business person in Nakuru town Market who has been selling the plastic bags for more than two years now says his business is doomed with the ban and that his life will never be same.
“I have been selling the plastic paper bags for so long and with the ban then my life is now doomed”he said.
His sentiments echoed by Margaret Wairimu Mungai who is now in the business of selling carrier sacks within Nakuru Town Market.
According to her,the business is okay but put in the shoes of the plastic paper bags vendors then many youths will go jobless.
Wairimu adds that this will impact negatively in the society as it means most youths who have been vending the polythene bags will be rendered jobless and might switch to criminal activities.
“My business of selling these sacks is not bad off but then for those youths who have been in the business of this plastic bags then the ban,it means they will be jobless and this might lead to more crimes in society”she said.
Butcher people who have been relying on the plastic bags to wrap meat for their customers are also lamenting over the ban.
They say even thought they have complied and using khaki papers to wrap the meat for their customers it has negative impact with the meat at times sticking to the paper.
“As much as we have complied and we are now using the khaki papers,the sticking aspect of the meat with the papers.The huge fine has just made us to comply”said one of the butcher in Nakuru Town.
However, Eliud Ndung’u a resident of Nakuru town commended the government over the ban on plastic bags.
He said the polythene bags have been of major negative impact on the environment with Nakuru having felt it in terms of waste disposal management.
“I must commend the government for the ban on plastic bags despite challenges here and there but we have just to comply”said Ndung’u.
This even as governors on Sunday supported the directive, saying it will yield a clean environment.
According to the Council of Governors chair Josphat Nanok , the county bosses will work with the Ministry of Environment to enforce the ban in devolved units.
The council urged Kenyans to use alternative bags such as the Manila paper, canvas, jute and biodegradable plastics.
It will be recalled, Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu announced the ban on the use, manufacture and importation of plastic bags on February 28 this year.
A fine of Sh4m or jail term of four years will be imposed on anyone found with plastic bag as from August 28th 2017.
PHOTO:Margaret Wairimu displays some of the alternative to plastic carrier bags at the Nakuru Town Market.

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