Bahati MP aspirant Honest withdraws, throws weight behind Ngunjiri

An aspirant for the Bahati parliamentary seat, John “Honest” Mbugua, has been labeled a mole by his rivals after throwing in the towel in favour of the incumbent Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri.

According to anonymous source, John ‘Honest’ Mbugua who has been one of the harshest critics of Mr Ngunjiri’s leadership is alleged to have met the MP at a disclosed location where he pledged to sacrifice his candidature in support of Ngunjiri.

The news has not been received well by Bahati constituents, who promised to teach Mr Ngunjiri a lesson, especially after opposing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment of Susan Kihika as the head of Jubilee presidential campaign team in Central Rift Region.

Mr Cosmus Muriuki termed the move as an insult and a big disgrace not only to the people of Bahati but to the entire Jubilee saying such unions are a breed of bad leadership.

“We as resident of Bahati won’t tolerate political brokers who are driven by vested interest oblivious of the electorates. Let them be warned that their time is up and we’ll teach them a hard lesson,” he said.

The two could however not be reached for comment.

A photo circulated on social media platforms on Wednesday saw a nearly cordial engagement between the two political rivals, who haven’t hidden their disdain for each other, having a good time.

The unconfirmed report also suggested the two hinted at working together come 2017 for Ngunjiri’s reelection. The new move by Mbugua, who also operates a book selling business in Nakuru is seen by his opponents as betrayal and also a move to fight Speaker Kihika, who is the head of the Jubilee presidential campaign team in Central Rift.

Crispus Wathimba, another Bahati parliamentary aspirant said such political realignments are welcome but should be done so in the interest of Bahati people and not to serve personal interest of an individual.

“Hon Ngunjiri and Mbugua must come clean and explain to the people how they will benefit from this arrangement because as far as we can interpret, certain business interest might be the motivation behind it and not wanjiku’s concerns,” said Wathimba.

The aspirant said Mr Mbugua, popularly known as ‘Honest’ cannot claim to with the alternative axis of change yet he engages with a person who has lost the people’s favour.

“We must now handle him with caution and care. He should come clean whether he’s an agent of change or a political spoiler with self-interests,” added Wathimba.

The fact that two work together on water project that the locals accused the current MP of frustrating over the years in Kabatini adds another twist to the whole saga.

Ngunjiri was recently accused by Nakuru leaders of disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta after he rejected the choice of Kihika as the Jubilee Presidential campaign coordinator in the region.

He dismissed the appointment of Kihika to spearhead the re-election campaign team of President Kenyatta in Nakuru as a “joke of the year”.

Martin Gicinga

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