Asumpta Wangui: We’ll be in a mess if Judiciary, Media are corrupt

Judiciary and Media are the only hope for Kenyans and should be protected, a Nakuru politician has stated.

Asumpta Wangui who is also the Team Azimio lead person in Nakuru county says the two institutions should not be corrupted from any quarters.

Speaking on Saturday when she was hosted in one of the political programs aired on Nakuru based Radio station, Asumpta pointed out that as things stand now, Judiciary is under attack from the Executive.

This, she notes that might have been occasioned by the decisions taken by Judiciary in the past and currently concerning the conservatory orders on housing levy as well as those touching health insurance.

It will be recalled that President William Ruto has been on record recently stating that he will deal with corrupt officials in the Judiciary.

While calling on Kenyans to come out and protect the independent constitutional institutions, Asumpta was also quick to call on the Judiciary to stick to integrity of the institution.

“We need our Judiciary protected from any attack. The worst we can go in this country is when Judiciary and Media are corrupted by any sector including the Executive,” she said.

She called on President William Ruto to stop blaming the Judiciary adding that Kenyans are not interested in the mere corruption statements and Public Relations stunts.

According to Asumpta, Kenyans are interested in service delivery.

“It is not the President’s mandate to investigate Judiciary, but to ensure Kenyans get development,” she said

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