Arama tells off Kinyanjui for failing to listen to matatu operators

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has advised Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to give a listening to matatu operators to avert further conflicts.

Addressing media in Nakuru town on Monday following the protests that paralyzed businesses in town for over 3 hours, Arama said the continued neglect of the lot means no good for the economy.

He said it was wrong for Governor Kinyanjui to continue giving a deaf ear to the matter yet he has failed to ensure condusive environment at the new matatu stages.

According to Arama,as elected leaders they have had a conversation with Kinyanjui over the poor condition in the new stages but he has failed to adhere to the advise.

“The County should not ignore the grievances of these matatu operators.These are electorates who voted for President,him and even us and should be listened to so that we can have a lasting solution” said Arama.

The Nakuru West Lawmaker who has been supplying water to the new stage at KFA after operators raised concern says leaders should not just sit and ignore when there are problems.

He has also raised concern on insecurity in the new matatu stages which he says is posing danger to women and children who seek transport services in these areas.

While noting that town planning falls under the county government, Arama said the county has failed the people in the matatu sector.

“As an MP its not my role to explain to the county government on how it should plan the town. But as leaders we have to step in when we see our people suffering. The governor has really messed his people and he should know that 2022 is just around the corner” said Arama.

Matatu operators in Nakuru on Monday clashed with police officers who wanted to forcefully return to the CBD decrying deplorable conditions in the three termini where they were redistributed.

They were met by armed contingents of police officers who lobbed tear gas canisters and shot in the air to disperse them.

The operators were relocated outside town the onset of Covid-19 in Kenya to avoid congestion.

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