Another Salgaa accident claims driver’s life

One person lost life and several others injured early Thursday morning following a road accident at Salgaa black spot on the Nakuru Eldoret Highway involving 3 lorries.

According to eye witnesses, the deceased was a driver of the lorry that lost control hitting three other on coming Lorries.

They also blamed the Governmnet for not erecting bumps at the area of the accident despite more accident happening.

“It is just over speeding and failure of breaks that has caused this accident. We want to appeal to the Government to ensure they erect bumps on this road to avoid frequent accidents “said the witnesses.

Godfrey Baraza one of the survivors of the accident, speaking to the media blamed the driver who caused the accident for not ensuring control of the vehicle.

Baraza says his survival is by God doing considering the magnitude of the accident that involved three vehicles.

“I tried to look through the side mirror and I saw the other lorry had lost control and hit me by behind making me loose control too and we rolled severally” he narrated.

His co-driver Abdi Mohammed also reiterated the same blaming the deceased driver for trying to overtake at the wrong time.

Both Abdi and Baraza sustained hand and back injuries.

The body of the deceased driver was taken to Nakuru county Mortury.

Area Base Commander Walter Kiptala who was at the scene called on drivers using the Nakuru Eldoret road to be more careful especially when approaching Salgaa black spot.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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