Another Nakuru blogger arrested

Are Huduma Centers gazetted as areas where you cannot take a photo?
A student from Nakuru Town is being held at Central police station ostensibly for taking photos of a crowd outside Nakuru’s Huduma Centre earlier this morning.
Ezer Kipkurui, a renowned tweet in Nakuru was trying to take photos of  a huge crowd that was milling outside the Kenyatta Avenue situated Huduma Centre when he got into an altercation with a police woman who was manning the center.
In a bid to try and rescue his fellow tweet, James went to Central Police station to try and find out what the matter was he found that Ezer had been booked in for resisting arrest and photography.
He later went to Huduma Centre to find out more but he claims the police woman was arrogant and didn’t want to reason.
Ezer claims he didn’t take any photo.

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