All smiles as Lilian Atieno’s dream of becoming an International nurse comes true

Lilian Atieno’s dream of becoming an International nurse was almost coming to a halt before Mediheal Group of Hospitals’ Vice President Operations Santosh Devaraj stepped in.

After learning of the plight of the then student , Mr.Santosh agreed to pay her full fee to complete her studies in Nursing.

The 28 year-old and third born in a family of 11 siblings narrated to Journalists that her journey of becoming a nurse began at Nakuru West PCEA Medical College in 2017.

However, things would turn out not to work out well due to lack of school fee when she was in her second year at the college as she only relied on her parents’ casual work pay.

She was forced to drop out of college and started to sell second hand clothes.

Her dream would rejuvenate once again two years later after her story was highlighted by a Nakuru Media Group reporter Francis Mureithi.

It is after her story was highlighted that Mediheal Group of Hospitals’ Vice President Operations Santosh Devaraj stepped in and agreed to pay her fee.

Ms Atieno would later excel in her studies leading to her absorption at Mediheal Hospital after an opportunity of a vacant nursing position came knocking.

“I was almost giving up until Mediheal stepped in for me. I was able to complete my studies and when Mediheal advertised for a vacancy I applied and I got absorbed” she said.

It is during her time as a staff at Mediheal Hospitals Nakuru that she reveals that another opportunity opened up for her where she applied for a program that will see her absorbed as a Nurse in the United Kingdom.

This, she attributed to the good mentorship she received as staff at Mediheal Group of Hospitals Nakuru.

Even as she plans to travel to United Kingdom, she encourages students not to give up no matter the challenges they face in life.

“I am very grateful to Mediheal Hospital for giving me opportunity and an upper hand even in the application I made to UK. To all those nurses out there, there are many challenges but we should not give up” she stated.

Mediheal Group of Hospitals’ Vice President Operations Santosh Devaraj addressing Jurnalists, said he first interacted with Lilian in 2019 on the challenge of the school fee which was sorted and she was able to continue with her studies.

According to Santosh, in 2021/2022 the Facility recruited her as a registered nurse and it is her hard work that has seen her get an opportunity in the United Kingdom.

He was quick to note that, Mediheal Group of Hospitals has continued to ensure better training and state of art equipment for quality service delivery.

While noting that the medical profession is very dedicated and respected through ought the World, Santosh challenged the Medical students to make right selection of courses and units.

“This is a plus to us as an Institution even as we release Lilian to UK. It is also a call to all students to make good use of the opportunities available in the Medical field. Let them select the medical courses and as institution, we shall continue to support where we can” he said.

Simialr sentiments echoed by Mediheal Group of Hospitals Nakuru Chief Nurse Ms Elizabeth Nyokabi who congratulated Nurse Atieno terming her a great disciplined nurse.

Nyokabi revealed that the parents of the children in the ward that she has been working at were surprised that she was leaving for UK hence for the sake of love they had to organize and buy her a cake.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity and we hope the same discipline she showed will also be extended to UK” said Nyokabi.

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