A healing weekend as Prophet Owuor lands in Nakuru for ‘Grand Mega Historic Healing Service at Menengai grounds

When he stepped in Nakuru city on Friday March 15, 2024, Prophet Dr. David Owuor of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness never missed his word.

The clergy while at a stop over in Freearea decreed that Saturday March 16-17 would be historical.

In Nakuru’s Kenyatta Avenue everything came to a standstill as Prophet Owuor made entry to the decorated pulpit just Infront of Merica Hotel.

After being welcomed, Prophet Owuor took to the set pulpit amidst smooth worship ‘Kama si wewe Yesu ningekuwa wapi mimi!?’. At one particular time interjecting in as a soloist.

It is here that he announced that the meeting at Menengai grounds would be a grand Mega Healing Service’

“Tomorrow March 16 and the day after will be Mighty. Cripples will walk, the blind will see and the deaf will have their ears pop open. Make sure you come be there,” he stated amidst applause.

As is his norm, he never missed to remind the Church that the Messiah is about to come urging members to shun sin and live righteous life.

It is a doctrine that he has maintained since he started the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness some years ago.

The televangelist will be in Nakuru’s Menengai grounds on Saturday March 16th and Sunday 17th for the healing  service.

On Monday March 18, Prophet Owuor will hold a Pastors’ Conference at Nakuru’s Main Altar at Show Ground before heading back to Nairobi in preparation for the Venezuela Meeting.

The weekend Menengai meeting has been christened ‘Grand Mega Historic Healing Service’.

Coming just a month after Dr.Owuor was gifted a private jet for his mission during a visit in Brazil.

It will be recalled that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness scaled down its activities including crusades in line with the COVID-19 protocols.


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