4 officers interdicted, 2 others transferred for brutalizing locals in Nakuru during curfew 

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya and his police counterpart Marcus Ochola addressing media in Nakuru.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Disciplinary action has been taken against all police officers who brutalized locals in Nakuru during the enforcement of the dusk to dawn curfew. 

This has seen 4 officers interdicted and OCS Likia and OCPP Mauche transferred from their work station. 

In a joint press conference,Rift valley Regional Commissioner Goerge Natembeya and Regional Police commander Marcus Ochola have confirmed the same. 

Natembeya while confirming the same, called on police officers to be humane enough during the enforcement of the curfew. 

He said disciplinary action has been taken against the officers who brutalized locals adding that they will also face charges in court. 

“I can confirm to you that all the officers in Nakuru and Mauche who brutalized locals during the enforcement of the curfew are now under disciplinary action and they will also be taken to court to face charges,” said Natembeya. 

The RC reiterating that the aim of the security team is not in any way to harm the members of the public but to ensure their safety. 

He also appealed to the locals in Nakuru and the region at large to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines put in place by the government. 

“As a government, we shall do all we can to ensure the safety of the locals. But let us also stop the confrontation between the police and locals” he said. 

He noted that in the Rift valley region locals are yet to embrace the social distancing directive citing areas such as markets and bus terminus. 

According to the RC, the government can only be successful in enforcing the guidelines if the public will also adhere to the guidelines. 

“The curfew is not a punishment but for the best interest of our health. Those trying to hang around in town during curfew time should know that Corona has no respect. 

Regional Police Commander Marcus Ochola on his part also confirming that the injuries on the patient at Nakuru PGH were also occasioned by police officers. 

He said the officer form Mauche police station did the heinous act but already action has been taken. 

According to the Police commander, the police officers are only expected to arrest and open charges but not beating or assaulting locals. 

We are not here to beat locals but to arrest them and open charges against them. 

The Police commander once again calling on his officers in the region to ensure they adhere to the law.  

He revealed that already OCS Likia and OCPP Mauche have been transferred following the incident. 

“We have two cases of police brutality and already opened charges in both. We can also confirm the OCS Likia and OCPP Mauche have been transferred” he said.

While noting that officers are always given briefs before attending to their duties, the Regional Police Commander called on the officers to ensure they adhere to the briefs to avert such incidents they receive every day before leaving for duty.  

This even as other incidents of police brutality in Nakuru East are being addressed. 

“Am handling 6 cases of officers in Nakuru of whom 4 have been interdicted for brutalizing locals” he said. 




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