Day: April 18, 2021

Sweet potatoes for sale in Dundori
Nakuru Photos

Photos: Dundori (Gwa Kiongo) Centre

Dundori Centre is 25 KMs from Nakuru. Below are a few photos of the famous Dundori. The town’s economy is based on agriculture and small businesses. #NakuruPhotos

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Donkeys in Dundori
Famous Nakuru

Dundori (Ndunduri) Gwa Kiongo Centre in Nakuru

Dundori Centre is a small town 25 KMs from Nakuru Town. It is also known as Ndunduri or Gwa Kiongo by locals. It is a famous centre that lies at the crossroads of three roads. The road from Nakuru, from Nyahururu and from Ol’kalou. The centre is famous for extra-large chapatis and mandazis. Many people […]

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Nakuru History

History of Jomo Kenyatta High School (Ngwataniro) – Nakuru

On 25th September 1974, President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta officially opened the school then known as Ngwataniro Shule ya Jomo Kenyatta. The school was opened just three weeks before the 1974 General election. Until 2017 when the school split into two autonomous schools for boys and girls respectively, it used to be a mixed boarding public […]

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