2007/2008 IDPs call for arrest of individuals behind fraudulent schemes

A section  of  the 2007/08 post-election violence victims are now appealing to government to expedite the arrests of individuals behind the fraudulent schemes that led to to loss of billions in compensation funds.
Addressing media in Nakuru,the IDPs argue that some people masqueraded as IDPs and were compensated at the expense of genuine victims.
They say this was through aleged fraud plot hatched by impostors duping the state into releasing the funds.

Led by IDPs Network coordinator Lucy Njeri, the victims now want the police to investigate self-proclaimed IDPs president Peter Kariuki, and conduct an audit on the funds he received.

“Let the government act on the individuals who received compensation at the expense of genuine IDPs” she said.

Their move comes after Peter Kariuki vowed to rally displaced persons from the Nyanza region into demonstrating over the delayed pace in compensating through collection of new names.

However, Njeri said there have been a number of complaints from some of the groups network whose names and signatures have been illegally used to enable funding from the government.

While applauding the government on the compensation process, Njeri said there was a need to implement the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission report.

“The government is trying on compensation but there is need for the TJRC report to be implementes as would be  a major milestone to the government commitment to settle the issue of IDP’s since 1997 and are yet to be compensated or resettled” said Njeri.

Jane Atione while calling on the speedy arrests accused Kariuki of moving around duping victims through collection of names and signatures on assumption that they will be compensated.

On his part, Lawrence Wasiche called on the government to beef up security in clash-torn areas of Njoro and Mau so as to avert loss of life and property witnessed in the past months.

Wasiche warned that being displaced is traumatizing calling on speedy action and peace meetings in the areas so as to maintain harmony and coexistence among the warring communities.

At least 660,000 people were displaced during the 2007/2008 post-election violence as per reports from human rights organizations.

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