2 Nakuru MPs laud Senate for passing the Elections Ammendment Bill

Two Nakuru MPs have lauded the Senate House for passing the contentious Election Laws Amendment Bill.

Legislators Joseph Kiuna- Njoro and David Gikaria- Nakuru Town East have applauded the senate for passing the bill which allows the use of manual method of voting should the electronic one fail during the 2017 general elections.

Speaking in two different functions, the Mps said that senators acted with wisdom in emulating the National assembly which saw the need to pass the bill.

The two Mps said that it was surprising for cord to oppose the bill yet most cord Mps and senators know that there are network challenges within their areas.

“It was the right of every eligible Kenyan to be allowed to vote and the use of manual method as an alternative where electronic means fails would be the only alternative” said Kiuna.

He further called on Kenyans not to be worried about the raising political temperatures adding that all they need to do is to embrace peace and unity.

He said that the president stated it very clearly while in Mombasa on Thursday that hate mongers will be dealt with by the relevant state machinery thus there was no need for Kenyans to panic.

Gikaria said that if nongovernmental organizations sponsoring workshops that in one way or the other aim at influencing the choice of voters during voting do not stop doing so, he will table a motion in parliament seeking to have funding of such NGOs shut.

The two law makers called on the president to sign the bill into law.