GDC on spot for denying locals jobs

Conflict is looming between Menengai’s Geothermal Development Company and area locals over job opportunities.

The locals claim the company has been neglecting them in terms of job opportunities and instead hiring people from outside the area.

Speaking to the press at Maili Kumi trading centre in Bahati Sub County after holding peaceful demonstrations over the same, the locals from Wanyororo majority of whom are jobless youths said the company has failed to recognize them.Led by George Mukera, they vowed not to relent until GDC steps in to address their grievances.

“Since GDC came to this place in 2009 has been giving us empty promises on jobs. We are here and we will not relent until the matter is addressed” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by David Mwangi and John Thu-youth residing in Wanyororo the area that has been affected by the construction of the GDC company.

According to the duo, employment at GDC is based on how much money you have or even god fathers.They say they have been trying to reach out to the management to be considered for job positions but all in vain.

Their concern is how some individuals who are not residents have continued to get jobs from the Bahati based Geothermal Company leaving out locals.

The locals now viewing the company as an enemy since it does not bother about their interests through giving back to the society.

“Whatever is happening at GDC is shocking and we believe it has to do with corruption. We wonder who are these getting jobs yet as locals we are left out” they said.

Area MP Kimani Ngunjiri who later addressed media on the matter agreeing that indeed the company had failed to consider locals in issuing out jobs.He faulted the current GDC management for going against the interests of the locals.

The legislator calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene in the matter and ensure that youths from Bahati and more so Wanyororo where GDC is based are able to benefit from the company.

“The current leadership at GDC has failed to listene to the interests of the locals.Yuths have no jobs yet we had previously agreed on how the matter can be solved. We call on President to intervene” said Ngunjiri.

Our attempts to get a comment from GDC was in vain as the communication department was unable to pick our calls.

The vocal legislator also re-visiting the issue where Wanyororo Farmers Limited are decrying the embezzlement of their funds through a law Firm that claimed would help address their grievances.

As per letter dated 29th August 2018, Ngunjiri has written to the DCI and DPP demanding that the matter be investigated and those found culpable to face the law.

This emanated from a court proceeding during the retired President Moi regime when Wanyororo Farmers Limited Property was sold illegally and the court ordered the parties to sort out the matter out of court.

The Wanyororo Farmers Limited was paid Ksh 97 million but the Lawyer according to the MP disappeared with the money.The Lawyer is said to have been released on Bond and is now free.The MP now wants the Chief Justice to step in an ensure justice for Wanyororo Famers Limited.

“This is a major corruption scandal because the law firm stole from the Wanyororo Famers Limited but the lawyer involved is walking free. We are telling CJ Maraga that we want justice and nothing more” said Ngunjiri.

PHOTO/Peter Check:Irate locals from Wanyororo,Bahati Sub county addressing media after holding peaceful demonstrations over what discrimination ffrom GDC.

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