How a Nakuru school has been neglected despite magnificent perimeter wall

A section of leaders have hit out at Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama for what they term is misplaced priorities on matters development.

Led by Nakuru West Politician Mr. Erick Ogada, they said the Jubilee MP has failed to involve citizens in various projects initiated by NG-CDF kitty.

Speaking on Thursday after making a visit to Mogoon Primary School in Kapkures Ward of Nakuru West Sub County, Mr.Ogada decried the poor state of the school’s infrastructure.

He slammed the area MP for neglecting the infrastructure aspect within the schools and only focusing only on the perimeter walls project for schools.

A spot check at Mogoon Primary school, the structures that were set up way back in 1975 during the establishment of the school are now in poor state with rusted and leaking roofs and pathetic floors.

The pit latrines are also a disaster in waiting for the 700 pupils currently at the school as they were built some years back with no renovations so far.

In addition, the school has no better offices with one classroom having been turned into a staffroom.

A structure that was meant to be administration block lies there as an elephant project despite the Ministry of Education having channeled kshs.500, 000 for the construction.

The structure is yet to be completed.The poor environment has seen the school perform poorly in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education despite being one of the oldest schools in the area.Since 2008, the school has not registred a mean score above 250 and last year it registred a mean score of 196.

Ms Magdalene Ngure is the head teacher of Mogoon Primary barely 2 weeks old at the school after taking over from Mr.Victor Majale who retired.

She says she has a lot to do to ensure improved performance in the school with her first approach being mentorship and motivation for class eight and the teachers.

“We have a lot to do from mentorship to motivation and then infrastructure in order to better results for this school” said Ms Ngure.

Mogoon Primary school with a population of 700 pupils and 88 candidates this year might just be a reflection of what is facing several schools in Nakuru Town West despite the area MP Samuel Arama bragging that he is improving the status of schools in the area.

It is for this reason that Mr.Ogada has challenged the MP to re-think about his priorities and work with other stakeholders among them parents and teachers to improve the performance in schools rather than just focusing on the perimeter walls.

“I have been talking about these issues, the law is very clear that there should be public participation. You cannot build a perimeter wall for school yet there are no classrooms, no offices and the latrines are in poor state. These are misplaced priorities” said Ogada.

Mr. Ogada who unsuccessfully contested the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat but lost in what he termed was unfair ODM Party primaries now says the area MP might be using the Schools’ Perimeter wall project to embezzle millions from the NG-CDF kitty.

He says time is now for the people of Nakuru Town West to start thinking and reasoning together to improve the standards of education in Mogoon Primary school and other schools in the area.

“We have tried to investigate and we think the multimillion schools’ perimeter walls project is an avenue for embezzling public funds but we want all stakeholders to reason together on how we can improve performance in our schools” he said.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Poor state of latrines at Mogoon Primary school in Kapkures, Nakuru West.

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